Monday, December 1, 2008


Justin and Brianna had a lot of fun last weekend together. After a little bit of coaxing on my part, Justin took over meal times with Bri. He had never fed her solid foods before, mainly because she had barely started right before he left. So when I asked him if he wanted to feed her he was really hesitant. But after convincing him that she is a really good eater he decided to give it a try. And he loved it! :) He said he surprisingly had a lot of fun and from there on out he volunteered for every feeding. He also helped me out a bunch on Saturday. I got really sick with some stomach ickiness (no it wasn't my Thanksgiving cooking! :) I think it might have been the shrimp cocktail we ate on Friday), so basically I was laying on the couch or in the bathroom the whole stinkin day. Anyways, Justin noticed that we needed to make more green beans for Bri, so we made me a whole weeks worth. And when he told me that he'd make more, I told him not to worry about because she was due to start peas on Monday. So the great hubby that he is whipped me up a whole weeks worth of peas too. Is he a great guy or what?

He also was very nice and braved the crawl space and got out our Christmas decorations. So while we put up the tree we threw on a Christmas CD. After we were done he picked up Brianna and started dancing around the house to the Christmas tunes. It was so adorable!!!

You know, I always thought that I melted Justin's heart when we got together - but oh was I wrong. :) For those who know him know that he's always so rough and gruff. But never did I imagine the big pile of mush that his big heart would turn into when we brought our little angel into the world. We LOVE YOU DAD!!!

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Anonymous said...

now that is some good stuff there...we knew you had gotten to him, wow what changes. We love what she has done to him too!
miss you guys
Amanda and fam