Friday, December 12, 2008


I took Brianna to see Santa earlier this week - she HATED him!!! I really wanted to use a picture of her with Santa for our Christmas card this year, but we ended up having to do something else (you'll see in a couple of days). But she usually is so good about other people holding her, so I didn't think it would be a big deal. I think the tears started before he even took her, and as soon as he had her in his arms she was screaming. She was so sad and had big tears running down her cheeks. Poor thing! I guess I can't really blame her - he is pretty scary. :)

But I had to go back to Santa's House tonight to pick up a few things that I'd forgotten - so we tried again. I remembered a trick that a friend told me, she said to not let them see Santa before you hand them off. Just back them in still facing you, sit them down, and hurry and snap a picture. We got these two before she turned her head and realized who was holding her and the tears began to flow again.

Too bad I already mailed out our cards, I could have used these ones. Oh well - I think the picture we ended up using in the card is pretty stinkin cute as well.


Nicole said...

can I be scared of Mrs. Claus? She doesn't look too happy :)

Lisa said...

That's funny - she is pretty scary . Notice how she smiles with her mouth closed. That's cause she has no teeth!:) Okay maybe she has a couple, but when I was talking to her I noticed that she was missing quite a few. So she's actually less scary in the picture than she is in real life. Ha,Ha,Ha!