Monday, December 29, 2008


Well it's official, we found our Alley Dog a new home. This past week she has been at a new home on a "trial run" to see if she fit in with their family. So we got the word today that she is doing great, the family liked her, and that they wanted to go ahead and keep her. It was a really hard but a very necessary decision that she had to go. We had always been worried about how Alley would do with Brianna - she's never been a really good kid dog. (She gets freaked out when small children are pulling on her and will usually end up trying to bite them). But we were hoping she would get used to Bri and they would grow to like each other. Well she had been doing great with little Bri, even letting her pull on her ears and face as Bri sat in our laps with no problems. She even did okay when Brianna started playing on the floor, she'd sit by her, smell her, and let Bri pet her legs. We really thought we were in the clear. But the problem came when Bri was old enough to roll over to Alley's bed - which I guess Alley considered "her territory". She growled once at her and she got in trouble. But then a couple days after that she snapped at Brianna, which was the deciding factor that she had to go. We just couldn't risk the chance of her biting Bri, I mean how guilty would I feel if our beautiful little girl ended up with a big scar - I would feel terrible. So as much as I didn't like it, we had to start looking for a new home for her.
We were actually getting a little worried that we wouldn't find anyone that was willing to take her - and I was not dealing well with the alternative. But luckily Justin happened to be talking to his Commander and found out that they had been looking for a new dog. He talked it over with his family and they decided they wanted to give her a try. So we took her over last Sunday and dropped her off (what a miserable day!). The new family has 3 teenagers and another dog - which I knew she's do great with the older kids but was a little worried how she'd do with their dog. But it sounds like she's doing great and getting along with everybody. So after many tears at the Walker house I think everything worked out for the better. I know she's in a loving home and will always be treated good and know I don't always have to have an eye in the back of my head making sure she doesn't bite my little girl. Even though we always teased that she was our "challenged" dog, she was so sweet and just loved any attention you'd give her. We loved her and have been through a lot together. She will be missed, but at least she'll still be happy.


The DeVito's said...

I'm sorry! I'm almost in the same situation. I haven't had Bandit snap yet, but I'm always watching him.

Anonymous said...

:( that is way sad I'm sorry u guys had to do that. I'm glad u guys found a family and Justin didn't have to do the other. But only 18 more days ya!!!!!!
love ya

Nicole said...

Oh Lisa- I'm sorry. I know how much you liked miss Ali. I'm glad she got such a great home!