Saturday, December 13, 2008


So as I was checking my email today I lost my child. Well not really, but it did take me a second to find her. She's such a goober!

I also had my first experience of my child "locking" herself in her room. (I really didn't think this would come until she was older!) We were in the living room and Brianna was playing on the floor. She rolled herself into her bedroom, but she was happy playing so I just left her in there and just checked on her every so often. I went to see what she was doing and that's when I noticed that her bedroom door was closed. Weird? So I got up and tried to open her door. She had pushed the door shut and then rolled herself in front of it so I couldn't open the door. Luckily I was able to get it open just enough (without smooshing any fingers) to stick my arm in and push her out of the way so I could get in. What a little stinker! :)

Speaking of stinkers - along with hiding under her crib today, she also decided to rearrange her dresser. The bottom drawer was open just a little and she actually pulled herself up which opened it the rest of the way. BTW this it the first time that she's pulled herself up on something - Wahoo!!! She only did it that once though - I was trying to get her to do it again for a picture but she wouldn't. (That's why you can see my slipper bracing the drawer so she couldn't pull it open any more)

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Anonymous said...

She wasn't lost, she was just playing hide and go seek. Look how intent she is on unpacking the drawer. It looks like she is concentrating so hard on her job. Only 33 more days and she gets to get lost at my house. Yahoo!!!!
Grandma Anderson