Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well what was Bri for Halloween? A Horse of Course! And a darn cute one I might add. I had a real hard time finding a costume for her and had pretty much given up. Everything was either made of too thin of material that I would have to really layer her, or was really bulky with lots of padding that she wouldn't be able to wear for the whole day. So I had decided that she wasn't going to dress up (she is only 6 months old - as my husband would say), so I just had bought the candy corn outfit for her to wear on Halloween. But after I'd given up, I was shopping at Wal-Mart and I thought I'd look down the costume aisle just to see - I couldn't find anything. I was searching the racks for anything in her size and only found a really ugly pink lamb outfit. But I buried myself in costumes digging all the way to the back and spotted something in her size... it was a horse. But isn't that a boy outfit, I worried? But then I saw the cute little face on the horse and I knew Bri's big cheeks would look so adorable in it - I was sold. Hey, and I even stuck a pink bow on her tail, just so everyone would know it was a Girl horse. :)

We ended up having a pretty laid back Halloween. First, I took Brianna to the grocery store because we needed milk, and showed her cuteness off. And then we met Justin at work and had lunch together. It was fun seeing him show her off to all the guys in his office. Even though they thought she was a cow. Hello, cow's don't have manes! :)

I love Bri's little face in this picture! I know I'm biased, but I think she is so freakin cute! But I wanted to crop my BIG head out of it, but Justin said I had to keep it like it is. He said that if I post pictures of him stuck in a coat, that I had to post big faced pictures of myself as well. :) Love you babe!

I was thinking about taking her Trick or Treating for a little bit, but since it was -13, I opted to just stay home and watch a movie with Justin. And really it's not like she can eat the candy anyway, which means it would just add to the pounds I need to lose from my behind. I was really surprised that she didn't mind wearing the outfit all day long. She didn't even fuss when I would put the hood up and she couldn't see because the it kept falling over her eyes. Although I didn't make her wear the "hoove" gloves and the bandanna all day, just for some pictures.

She was getting cranky with me at the end of the picture taking session. So I gave her the plug and she was okay to pose for a couple more shots.
To end the evening we actually had our first Trick or Treaters. They never come to our house! Mainly because the houses in our neighborhood are really spread out and you'd have to walk a lot just to get some candy. Not to mention that we live at the end of a unlit driveway that every mother would agree is not a "safe" house to go to. But as we heard a knock on the door I ran to the kitchen scrounging for something to give these kids. I hadn't bought any candy for this - as I said we never have Trick or Treaters! I knew we had some Twix, but didn't realize that they're weren't many left in the bag and as Justin ran out he turned to me and said, "There's still one more kid." All I could find was a bag of Tootsie Rolls and threw them to him - which he promptly threw back at me, telling me we couldn't be one of "those" houses. I guess I have to agree, these kids we're freezing and they didn't deserve some lousy Tootsie Rolls. So Justin came and helped me look for something, we found a full size Kit-Kat and sent the kids off on their freezing way. But just in case more kids came Justin went and grabbed some Glow Stix out of our emergency bag. But luckily our doorstep was quiet for the rest of the night. :)
All in all it was a pretty fun day. I LOVED our little Horsey!!!


The DeVito's said...

She is absolutely darling!

Ashlie & Chantel said...

That is TOO CUTE!! Don't tell Morgan she was a horse :)

Anonymous said...

I love the horse outfit!!! She is so freakin cute!!! I think u guys should of completed her outfit and dressed up as cowboys and then she was the horse :) She is so cute
Love Kristy

Nicole said...

I can't believe you found that at walmart. All I ever see when I look at costumes there is crazy scary monsters- good job. She's adorable.

Walker Fleer said...

Our niece is adorable but is my brother's hairline receding? hahahah... he'll kill me! Love to you all