Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Although Brianna turned six months a few weeks ago, we had her check up today. (We missed her original appointment because we were in Anchorage.) She did so awesome with her immunizations, she didn't cry at all, no even a peep. I was so proud of her! She's such a tough little cookie. Here are her stats as of today.

Weight: 17lbs 6oz - 75%
Height: 26" - 50%
Head: 17" - 75%
And here's a few things that she can do...

* Roll over (both ways) - She rolls around the whole house instead of crawling. She rolls so much that by the end of the day her cheeks are so red because she uses her little face to push off of and she gets almost a rug burn on her cheeks. She's gets stuck under the coffee table quite often and rolled under her crib yesterday.

* She's eating cereal like a champ. She loves it! She opens her mouth real wide for almost every bite.

* She can say "mama" and "baba". (Sorry the videos are kind of dark - I learned after that I need to make sure all the lights are turned on in the room because the flash doesn't come on when you record. Oh well.)

* She can growl like a monster. :) I'm really not sure what's she's really doing, but I told everyone I taught her this for Halloween.

*She's starting to become sneaky now that she can get around the house. She wants everything she's not supposed to. She'll find the remote/phone after you thought you hid it. She loves to get into her diaper bag and pull things out. She also loves to grab/kick her diaper stacker. She'll lean really far off her bouncy seat and grab everything - mom's clothes, belts, plastic sack from the garbage, towels, shower curtain. (In case you were wondering she is usually placed in the bouncy chair when mom is taking a shower). I'm sure going to have my hands full when she starts to crawl.

*She loves bath time! Which is a surprise to anyone that saw her first couple of baths. (Oh she cried and cried the whole entire time) But she has so much fun in the tub now. She is a crazy splasher and soaks her mom every time (I have to make sure I'm not wearing the outfit I plan on wearing for the day because I'm always wet after).
*She has the cutest giggle! I laugh every time I hear it - I love it!!!

*She can sit unassisted.

*She loves to give "kisses" or try and bite your face - I'm not quite sure which one she's doing. :) But it's really cute - she'll grab your face/hair and pull you to her face and give you a big slobbery "kiss".

*She loves her puppies. She loves to pet/grab onto them. I've even found her sucking on Daizy's tail, and luckily caught her before she started sucking on her toenails once - Yuck! Daizy of course loves her and will come and sit/lay by Bri when she's on the floor. I'm not sure Alley likes her, but she's tolerating her quite nicely - so far. :)

*She's very social and loves to play with most people. Everyone adores her and she'll give everyone we meet a huge smile. I've only had her cry once when I handed her off to someone - but I think that was because it was 1.5 hours after her bedtime and she was tired and wanted her mom so she could go to sleep.

*She loves her face and head tickled. It's so precious, this even makes her fall asleep sometimes. It reminds me of both of my grandma's and how I would beg them to tickle my face when I was a little kid. Good memories!

She is at such a fun age right now, it's so fun to watch her little personality develop. I love watching her little mind work. She is such a blessing in our lives and her dad and I couldn't ask for a more perfect daughter. Oh we love her so stinkin much!!!


The DeVito's said...

She's so cute! I can't wait for Isabella to do all those things!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so freakin cute. I love her I love the monster growl I was laughing so hard. I can't wait to see her again. I miss you guys so much.
Love Kristy