Monday, November 10, 2008


Well we had quite an unexpected road trip this last week. Justin was scheduled to start NCOA school on Friday morning in Anchorage. Or so we thought...

He had spent all day Wednesday hanging out with us, and then he was going to leave early Thursday morning to drive down. Luckily he had forgotten some paperwork at his office, so after we ate dinner Wednesday night we drove out to get them. He came out of his office shaking his head and told me that he had misread the email about his school and his class really started Thursday morning at 7am! Here it was 7:30pm and he needed to be in Anchorage in less than 12 hours. So we rushed back home to get him all packed up to make the drive down in the middle of the night. But Justin was so tired already, he was even telling me earlier when were driving to base that he couldn't wait to go to bed. Even though he kept telling me that he'd be fine, I was really worried that he'd fall asleep on the drive, so I hurried and packed Bri and I a bag and we went with him. I drove for a little over half way there while he slept and then Justin took over for the rest of the drive. So we ended up leaving for Anchorage at 9pm and got there about 3am, We checked into our hotel room and finally settled into bed at 4am, and then we had to wake up at 6am to get him to class. Let's just say we were just a little tired!!! We were both walking zombies, but at least he made in to class on time and we all made it there alive.

Unfortunately our trip wasn't very long so we didn't get to really do anything in Anchorage except hang out in our hotel room and check out the base. We didn't have anyone to take care of our dogs past Friday morning so we had to turn around and come home as soon as Justin got out of class. We ended up getting home about 1:00am Saturday, and we were all pooped!!! Brianna was an angel. I was really worried about screwing up her sleep schedule with her sleeping in the truck for so long. Especially Friday night, she was so ticked to be put back in her car seat - which I really couldn't blame her for, I wanted to scream and cry too. But after pulling over, feeding her, and playing with her for a little while she went back in the car seat and cried herself to sleep for the night. She even went back to sleep when we got home and slept for the rest of the night, which we were so very thankful for because we were dying.

This was the scene around our house for most of Saturday. We just vegged out all day.

Poor Justin had to drive back down again Sunday morning - Ugh! But he made it with no problems and will be there for the next 6 weeks. He does get to come home for Thanksgiving, so at least we get to see him in a couple of weeks. Anyways, I'll bet he double checks his emails from now on. :)

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Nicole said...

I'm so smart. Right as I'm hanging up I realize that your birthday is way before Thanksgiving- so obviously your going to be celebrating that first :). So let me be the first to give you an early HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY :)!! BTW- you better ditch Justin if you want to keep your promise to be an old maid with me :).