Friday, November 14, 2008


Well I think she finally figured it out. I gave Brianna a sippy cup 2-3 weeks ago and although she thought it was a great toy to chew on, she really didn't get the whole gist of it. I would try to get her to suck on it and after me putting the spout in her mouth a couple of times she's get really ticked off and want nothing to do with it. So I decided to just lay off and let her play with it anyway that she wanted to. She'd take a few sips every so often, which usually surprised her and made her gag, but no actually drinking. I tried again the other morning and she actually sat and drank the water for a couple of minutes. She does drool a whole lot when she drinks (I think she learned that from her puppies :)), so she has to wear a bib. She still thinks it's a pretty cool toy to chew on, but she's also enjoying the "treat" that comes out as well.

Lately she also has become quite fond of my water bottle. (Basically she loves anything that she can't have.) So I started giving her little sips sometimes. Let's just say most of the time it's a huge mess, but she gets so excited I can't resist giving her a taste.

We're both missing daddy a whole lot. I know this is nothing like a deployment, but I still hate when he's gone. Bri really misses his mosquito kisses! I really do think that sometimes she gets sick of being with just me all day - she loves when her dad comes home to play. Anyways at least we get to talk to him every day and I don't have to worry about him being in danger. We've thought about going down and visiting him, but he's been really busy studying and doing homework that I think we'd just be a big distraction - so we'll probably just wait until Thanksgiving when he comes home for a couple of days.

Brianna and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy. It's becoming dark during the daytime again and it makes me just want to sleep, so I've tried to get us out of the house as much as we can. Even if it's just to run to the bank, or anything to get us out. We go to a yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday morning. And then we went to a baby shower on Wednesday and our Book Club on Thursday. (I think everyone enjoys seeing Bri more than me cause she's so cute, oh well! :) I guess I can't really blame them - she is pretty fun to play with!)

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The DeVito's said...

That's hard to have your DH gone! I couldn't handle it, especially living in the dark! Bella is still playing with her sippy cup. She likes it, she just can't figure out how to tilt her head back and drink at the same time.