Saturday, August 16, 2008


On Friday night Justin was really nice and took me to dinner. We haven't been able to go out as much as we used to since having the baby so it was a rare treat. We were at Chili's and the waitress had came back with our appetizer and drinks. She took our order, but as she grabbed Justin's menu she accidentally bumped my diet coke which sent it flying right into my lap. I was SOAKED!!! Let's just say I could have literally rung out my underwear I was so wet. I was also holding Bri and one of her pant legs and socks was hit by the flying drink as well. Now I know accidents happen, that's just life, so I was really nice to the waitress and told her to not even worry about it, that it was no big deal. You could tell she was really embarrassed, so I made a point to be really nice to her. So having been a waitress before, I guess I just assumed that I would get some kind of discount when the check came. Um, just kidding. All I could think of when we got the check was "you've got to be kidding me!". Not only did she not give me my meal for free, there was absolutely no discount on our check. I mean come on, throw in a free dessert or at least give me the freakin diet coke for free! Now I am a real stickler when it comes to tipping - it's a must! Even if you give me poor to okay service you're going to get 15%, and if you're good, I tip 20% or more. So needless to say this was one of my very rare times that I didn't leave even a single penny. And in true Justin fashion, he even went and wrote her a little note on why she didn't receive a tip from us that night. He was very nice (due to my threats from across the table), he just told her that sometimes you have to at least pretend you care when you spill something all over your customers and give them some kind of discount, it didn't have to be a lot, just something to let us know you cared. Let's just say I was astonished as I waddled out of Chili's, looking like I'd wet myself, that I had just payed full price for this!


Kent, Krista & Sawyer said...

I would have been super ticked off! Maybe she was new...but with the note Justin left maybe she knows next time around what she "should" do.

Nicole said...

I love that Justin left a note :). It must suck to have soda all over your lap, but at least it wasn't winter- then you would have frozen soda on your lap as soon as you went outside.