Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well one of the main reasons that we made the trip to Utah was to have Brianna blessed . It was such an amazing day. The day was gorgeous, Bri was an angel and she looked like one too. (Oh man I'm already crying! :)) Bri's very proud grandpa gave her a beautiful blessing which we are so thankful for. Bri's such a special little angel and we are so lucky that she was sent to us. She has made our little family perfect. I pray that Justin and I can teach and guide her so that she will be proud to call us mom and dad. WE LOVE YOU BRIANNA!!!

Many of our aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends were able to come share Bri's special day - it was great. Thank you to everyone that came and helped out - we love you guys!!! After getting home I realized that this was the only picture we got on my camera of her in her dress (I think most were taken on my parents). We were running late for church that morning so I thought we'd just take pics that afternoon after the blessing dinner. Well our little stinker showed me - she pooped all over her pretty dress and I mean all over! This picture is actually after she did the deed, we're just strategically hiding it. Oh well, she's still beautiful!


Nicole said...

It was a very cute dress, along with a nice day. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Utah.

Amanda said...

that is the best little family picture!!! You guys look wonderful!