Saturday, August 9, 2008


So while I was in Utah two of my favoritest people were there visiting too. Chantel and Nicole have been my longest, bestest (yes it's a word) friends for forever - let's just say we've been friends since it was cool to have satellite dish bangs! :) Even though none of us even live in Utah anymore, it worked out perfectly that we'd all be there at the same time. I've really come to realize since moving away how very important good friends are. And even though I don't see or talk to them all the time (I'm a moron when it comes to talking on the phone - I hate it), it's so nice to know that when I do get the chance to talk to these girls we just start off where we left off. There's no awkwardness or loss for words, we can tell each other anything and everything. I know that these gals are still going to be my friends when we're 80 and going senile. The nurses in the old folks home will be listening to stories of "licking your face", Russian hats and New York adventures.

It was so good to see them and catch up. They both have two beautiful, crazy, fun kids and since none of my siblings have children yet, they've been a great help in helping me through my new baby fun. I am so fortunate to have these gals in my life and am very indebted to them for being such great friends.

I really hope that one day we'll all be back together in Utah again and be able to get together more often. And one day when Chantel's husband is a rich doctor and Nicole's is a rich lawyer, will be able to go on great vacation together. And well since they'll be rich they can pay for me - right? Ha, Ha, Ha! (Yes, I will never forget that Nicole still owes me a trip because she was the first to get married)

Here is a picture of us with our kids.
Love you girls!!!


Nicole said...

crap Lisa- now you made me cry :). I am glad that you think that bestest is a word too. It was SO fun to have lunch- even though it wasn't really enough. We will have to go on some girl vacations sometime- and I totally intend on paying up on our bet, but now I'm thinking it would have been better to include Chantel in the bet too :).
Of course I'll hang out with you in our old folks home- I believe we have a card to that affect? I'm also glad that you think our kids are cute as opposed to loud and obnoxious- which is probably what all your other friends thought :). (can this count as a phone message if its on paper? I think it has all the qualities of a great message from me :)).

Chantel said...

You made me cry too! I had a blast at lunch too. It is nice to be able to pick up where we left off. I hope to be in Utah all together again.
I have to agree with Nicole, I am glad you thought our kids were cute. There was one there that kept acting like a dog, I am not sure about her :)
I am up for a girl vacation any time. I think Barrett should have to pay for the trip for all of us, it is cheaper than therapy!