Monday, August 11, 2008


This was too cute not to share (at least I thought it was cute). Ever since we got pregnant with Bri we've been worried about how our dogs were going to react to the new addition to our family. We were worried that Daizy would be jealous, because being our first "child" she doesn't like anything that takes away from her attention. And we worried about Alley, well being Alley. We were afraid she'd be the goober that she is and feel threatened and attack Bri. (She doesn't get along with children very well.) But to our surprise we haven't had even one little problem with them. They've both been really good around the baby.

So last night as Brianna was having tummy time Daizy kept coming over to me and wanting to be pet. I kept telling her to go lay down because I didn't want her accidentally stepping on Bri. So as we were finishing up I rolled Brianna over on her back and here came Daizy again. It was really funny, she weaseled under my arm and laid down with Bri. Daizy has always been really fond of children (I think it's more that she has learned they drop a lot of their food, so if you follow them around you'll get treats). And then she started "nibbling" on Bri. Ever since Daizy was a puppy she has always nibbled us when she's getting pet, it's like her way of showing us affection. She'll grab a piece of your clothing that you have on and very gently nibble it. I felt bad because I kept having to tell her to stop because I was afraid she would accidentally pinch Bri. But it was just too sweet seeing my little girls playing together for the first time.

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