Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just a little update on what's been going on around our house. Well yes folks, it's a long time coming, but Brianna is officially sleeping in her crib 100% of the time. She's been taking naps in her crib for a couple of months, but I still had her sleeping in her car seat at night. Why you ask? Well when she was born she was really burpy when she laid down to sleep. So every time that we laid her down, seriously in less than a minute she was awake screaming. We found out that she slept a ton better in her car seat when we took her home from the hospital and hence what started the car seat sleeping. Well I've known for a long time that I really needed to break her from this habit, I mean she has this cute crib and had never slept in it. So I started weaning her slowly by just putting her in her crib during naps. But I still kept her in the car seat at night, well because she slept so stinkin good in it (therefor, mom slept really good - get where this is going?). I think she's probably been ready for quite some time but it's been my hesitation of being afraid of getting less sleep that's prolonged this. Well after coming home from Utah Bri had a really messed up sleep schedule, so the mean mom that I am, thought I would just throw everything at her all at once and get it over with. She actually has done way better than I expected. She has her occasional bad nights where she'll wake up 3-4 times at night, but for the most part she's stayed at her usual 1-2. So I really can't complain - and yes, I should have done this along time ago - but oh well. :)

I know she's not sleeping in this photo, but I thought it was a cute one of her in her crib watching her butterfly mobile.

Bri is also trying really hard to roll, she's so close! She hasn't quite mastered getting all the way over because that stinking arm gets in the way. This picture is as close as she's come, see she's even on her belly,but that blasted arm is so hard to move out of the way. :) It's a work in progress.

And then I had to add these funny pictures of her in the bath. It's like she's saying, "Get me another drink and some peeled grapes while I lounge in my jacuzzi". (BTW- I showed these pics to her dad last night and he told me I had to delete them. He was very worried that I would let people see naked pictures of our daughter, but I promised I would edit them before I posted them. He's such a funny dad when it comes to protecting his little girl)

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Nicole said...

good job with the photoshopping :).