Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I haven't posted in a while because we've been playing and having fun with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. I know that we were just in Utah visiting them, but my parents got a really good deal on airfare and couldn't pass up the chance to come see us. It was so nice to have them here, it's really sad that we live so far away and don't get to see them as much as we'd like.

Mostly we just hung out together at the house, talked, and played with Brianna. My parents watched Bri one night and let Justin and I go on a date night. It was so fun and very much appreciated. We first went on a little four wheeler ride where I got to try out my new four wheeler that Justin won for me. And then we went to the Turtle Club and had prime rib and their sinfully delicious cheesecake - Yum-O!!! It was kind of weird though not having Bri with us, we almost didn't know what to talk about without her. But we had a really good time stuffing our faces until we both thought we were going to pop.

Later in the week we drove down to see Denali National Park, it was cloudy so we couldn't see Mt. McKinley which was a bummer, but it still was a nice and pretty drive. We also went to the Santa Claus House and took Bri's picture with Santa, bought some cute Christmas ornaments and checked out the reindeer. Bri became one of the tourist attractions as we were leaving, a bus load of Asian tourists came in as we here heading out and they all started snapping pictures of Brianna. At first I was a little annoyed having strangers taking pictures of my little girl, but after talking it over with my mom, we decided if we were in a different country and there was a cute little kid we would probably take a picture of them too. So I guess I should be flattered that our girl is cute enough that strangers want a photo of her.

All in all we had a really nice visit with grandma and grandpa. They of course spoiled Bri again - which she truly enjoyed! :) Although we're having a little power struggle with her wanting so much attention, but we wouldn't change her fun grandparents for the world - we LOVE them! It was really sad to see them go because we know we won't see any more family for awhile. :(


The DeVito's said...

It's so fun to have family come visit! I wish that Bella lived closer to her cousins and grandma.

It must be really hard with how far away you are.

Anonymous said...

So seriously, why do you have to live in Alaska!!! You all are so cute and I miss you tons and tons. By the way what is with the picture of Bri and Dad on the couch. She doesn't look like she is enjoying it much but she's still cute. Love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do u guys have to be so far away? :( I miss u guys so much!!!! Bri is so freakin cute I miss her so much!!! :( I wish I could of came up with mom and dad. Some day! Bri is so freakin cute in the pic with santa and mrs. clause I love it. Love ya and miss ya tons!!!! P.S. give Bri a kiss from me right now. Get up and give her a kiss from me right now. :)HaHa
love ya Kristy

Nicole said...

so wait a minute, why isn't the Santa picture a family picture? I think we would have all loved to see you and Justin in there with Santa and Mrs. Claus :).

Anonymous said...

the spoiling never stops... we just came back from a weekend and grandma and grandpa's and Max is a monster because of it! Connor got a bit more mouthy with me while we were there but is old enough to know the jig is up and it has to stop! :) I think it is the grandparents job to do that. I don't know how it would be if they lived close enough to do that once or twice a week though... maybe it is different when they are around all the time?
~Amanda M~