Friday, April 3, 2009


Last Saturday we ventured out to see the annual Fairbanks Ice Park. We had waited until the last weekend it was open to see if we could get some warmer weather and luckily it was about 25 that day. It was really fun - even though we only made it half way through the park because Brianna and her daddy were getting cold. (Yes - Justin was cold and I wasn't!!! I did have on long underwear, 3 shirts, winter boots, gloves, and my huge winter parka - so I was nice and toasty. Justin on the other hand thought he'd be fine, but he was freezing after about an hour. So I finally got the chance to tease him for once about not wearing the "proper gear" outside. He, he, he!) I can't believe how talented these people are that carve these amazing sculptures. We really wanted to go at night because they light all the sculptures up, but we didn't want to go after it got dark because it would be way too cold. But here are a couple of pictures we took that day - okay a lot of pictures.
This is the gateway to get into the park. It was a huge fort with an archway that you had to walk under.

Here are some of the sculptures that we saw.
I don't know if Bri had much fun. This was the look on her face the whole time we were there. Like, "Hello, I can't move (she did look a bit like Ralphy from the Christmas Story) and it's cold. Can we go now."

I think this was the only "smile" I got from her the whole time we were there.

We stopped in at the snack shack to warm up and grab some hot chocolate. This was a huge sledding hill made out of ice. I wished Bri was a little older so we could have taken her for a couple runs - it looked like a lot of fun.
Instead I took her on one of the little kid slides. It was so fun - and actually pretty fast considering it was made for younger kids.

Riding on the ice-snow machine. One last quick smooch after taking off all our layers to get back in the truck.


Kristy said...

How fun!! Lisa that is a really nice green jacket u have wearing in the shack:)

Kristy said...

P.S. It was Randy not Ralphie that was all in the snow outfit. :) come on get it right ha ha

Nat said...

Wow! So when do we get to see your ice sculpture. I'm sure you were inspired, right?(: Bri is so cute! I love seeing her little face in all the pink fluff.