Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Oh what a week we've had here at the Walker house. Well last Tuesday (our anniversary), I had a wonderful, relaxing time at the spa, then Justin took me to a amazing dinner at Pike's Landing which was so yummy, and then... Our great day was over! Daizy ended up getting injured. She was limping really bad, so we took her to the vet on Wednesday. They took some xrays which showed that her hip was dislocated - the poor thing! They had to knock her out, and after many tries, finally got it back in. $760 later we headed home with a bandaged up, comatose, "three legged" dog. She is on strict "bed rest" for 4-6 weeks and right now has her leg in a sling for 2 weeks. We kept her pretty "high" on pain medication for the first couple of days, but she's seems back to her old self now. I think she's already sick of laying on her bed all day and just wants to go run through the woods. We have to be really careful with her for the next 6 weeks because if her hip pops back out we will have to take her to Anchorage to have surgery where they'll have to put a pin in her hip. So to try an avoid the $1500-2000 that the surgery would cost, not to mention the money we'd have to spend to get us to Anchorage, we're making her take it easy. We have to put her on a leash when she goes outside to do her "business", and since she's three legged and it's icy outside, we have to wrap a towel under her belly and help hold up her back end so she won't slip and fall on her hip. We've been making many visits back and forth to the vet to make sure every thing's healing okay, and as for now things look promising.

And if I didn't have enough to worry about with an injured puppy - I got a call Wednesday night and was asked last minute to teach the Relief Society (class for the adult women at church) lesson on Sunday. Okay so it's seriously been like 10 years since I've taught a lesson at church and I think the last one was to the Sunbeams (2-3 year olds). So let's just say I was a little out of practice. But after a lot of planning, worrying, and a frantic call to my mom to ask for help, I think everything went okay. I was so freakin nervous! I'm pretty sure I was bright red, shaking, and sweating through the first half of the lesson. But by the end I felt pretty comfortable and thanks to a lot of good class participation everything ended up fine. I even had a couple of people come up to me after and say I did a really good job - not sure if they were just being nice, but it was still nice to hear. I also got a new calling at church on Sunday. I am now the Visiting Teaching Coordinator. I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but I'm looking forward to it.

Brianna's doing great. Holy cow she turned 11 months today! Man, where did the time go. She is missing her play pal Daizy though. She'll go up to the baby gate that we have across our bedroom door and talk to her. And every time we get ready to take Daizy outside, as soon as the gate comes down she makes a B line for Daizy's bed.

She used to use Daizy as a pillow, but now has to use her boppy instead. She'll pull the boppy off the couch and then "lounge" - too cute. (They aren't the best pictures cause every time I'd try she'd sit up)

I've also started her on a lot of finger food. Instead of pureeing everything, I'm just chopping it up into little pieces so she can feed herself. She's doing really good at it. I just need to be more patient - It takes forever! After about 15-20 min of her feeding herself, only half of her food gone, she gets bored and just starts playing with the what's on her tray - so sometimes I just end up feeding it to her myself so we can just be done. But she's enjoying some of the foods that she wasn't very fond of before, like peas, carrots and meat. I guress things just taste better when you can put them in your own mouth???

She also found her diaper stacker. She thinks it's a dang fun game to unload it. Needless to say the diaper stacker does not hang on the side of the crib anymore. :)


Kristy said...

Oh poor Daizy :( I can't believe Bri is almost 1 that is so crazy. I would be so nervous too if I had to teach the RS but u probably did just fine:)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her surrounded by the diapers, looking like "Who me, I didn't do this, they just spilled all over the floor". She is getting so big, I can hardly wait to see you guys. Good job on the lesson. Hope Daizy keeps improving.
Love and miss you guys,

Nicole said...

Okay- just as an admission, I have spent way too much money at the vets before, but all I can say is Daizy is LUCKY to have you all. I cannot imagine having to cater to a dog like you guys are doing- bonus points for you :). Also, good luck on keeping anything nice and neat anymore :)- they are such wonderful helpers around this age :).