Thursday, April 9, 2009


Little Miss Brianna has become a Little Book Worm these days. She loves looking at her books - it's so cute. I'll notice that she's being really quite (which usually means she's gettin in some kind of trouble), but every so often I find her just flipping through her books. Nana Walker and Aunt Aubrey got her a couple of really sturdy books and she loves them. The ones Aubrey got her are those Touch and Feel books. At first she wasn't interested at all with feeling the different textures - but now if you look through the books the "hair" on all the animals is sticking straight out because she pulls on them so much.

We took Brianna on her first four wheeler ride on Saturday. Even though it was about 25 degrees outside we only lasted about 10-15 minutes. It wasn't that it was too cold outside, it was the little bit of wind that we created that was freezing. I ended up turning Bri around to face me so the wind wouldn't hit her in the face. But she seemed to enjoy it - she was looking around at everything and talked to me the whole time. I'm sure we were a sight to see - two bundled up adult with and even more bundled up baby smooshed in the middle. Even though it was short, it was really fun to get her out riding.

She also is getting over her first cold. We're lucky that she's gone almost a year and has never been sick, but it's still sad to see your little one not feeling well. She ran a fever for a couple of days last week, she was really clingy and basically slept all day long on my shoulder. But then she seemed to get better for day, but now has really bad runny nose. It was so sad, one morning she woke up to eat and she couldn't breath through her nose. I bulb suctioned it out to see if that would help, but she still couldn't breath very well. She'd try and suck, turned bright red, and then finally take a deep breath in through her mouth and start crying because she was so frustrated - she eventually figured it out after a few rounds of this. :(

And finally I had to add these cute pictures of Bri. Her Great Great Aunt Jeanie gave her this outfit and I thought she was so stinkin cute. Although she wanted nothing to do with this adorable hat on her head, I distracted her long enough to snap a couple of pictures.


Kristy said...

Oh my gosh she is so freakin cute I love that last pic of her!!!! I can't believe she is going to be 1

The DeVito's said...

She is too cute! I can't believe our babies are almost a year! Bella just started looking at her books too. It's so fun. Sorry she's sick. We are dealing with cold/allergies here too.

Nat said...

Darling Bri! We love 4-wheeler rides too. I love the squished baby in between rides.

price said...

That little pink outfit is soo cute.. and yeah I hate it when the little guy is sick .. i just feel so helpless.. im glad shes gettin gover it !!

The Johnson Family said...

I LOVE that last picture...she has got to be the cutest baby girl I have ever seen.