Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well let's see - what have we been up to? First we have been very busy child proofing our house the past week. I know, I know, my child is 10 months old and I should have been more prepared, but holy cow she's into everything!!! And why does everything have to go in their mouths? I know they're curious, and it's fun to find new things, but really - do you have to taste it too??? I'm pretty sure Bri's eaten her fair share of rocks and "stuff" off the floor - cause I've dug out more things that I can count, so who knows how many I've missed. But I think we've got most of our bases covered for the moment. (Even though she finds new things every day that I hadn't realized were going to be a problem). Our only dilemma right now is - How do you leave the dog water out so the dog actually has water to drink and not have your child sticking her hands and face in it constantly? I'm open to any suggestions. :) As of right now we put the dog bowl in the bathroom, gated the bathroom off, and just let the dog in every so often to get a drink.

Justin doing okay. He's super busy at work, which is stressing him out a lot. He's taught the snowmobile course on base a couple of times this past week which I think he enjoys. He's also been working forever trying to fix his own snowmobile and finally got everything working Monday night. He took into work to teach the course on Tuesday and... it wouldn't start. I think it might have been the cold, but needless to say he's pretty frustrated with it at the moment.

I'm doing really good. The Relief Society President Julie Beck came and visited Fairbanks this weekend, so I went to hear her speak on Saturday. It really put things in perspective for me. Basically - I NEED an attitude adjustment. She hit a few key things that I've been really struggling with and I really need to work on. They're just simple things like be happy. Everyone knows that I hate Alaska and want to get out of here as soon as possible. But in her talk she said that we need to remember that our worst day is better than most other women's best day. How true is that? I've realized that I just need to make the best out of the situation and enjoy myself. It's not hard, I just need to do it.

She also touched on being a good mother and wife. She talked about how being a housewife is just like a job and we should treat it like so. Looking back since I've quit my medical assistant job, I think I've done really poor at my housewife job - I'm pretty sure I would have been fired by now if this was the real work field. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids is OUR job. Most of you know I really don't enjoy cooking, I don't know why - I just don't. But I realized that it's MY duty to provide a healthy meal for dinner when my husband gets home. And this doesn't mean thawing out some meat so my husband can cook it on the grill when he gets home. :) It doesn't have to be something fancy every night, it just has to be something. Along with this I've decided that we are going to eat dinner at the kitchen table every night. We are terrible at this and usually eat in front of the tv. But what a change has happened in our house the past three days. It's so much more peaceful, Justin and I get along better, and we actually sit down and really talk to each other at the end of the day. It's been great! Now I know there will be days when there's a pile of dishes left in the sink and we're going to being eating mac 'n cheese - but that's okay. I just need to do the best I can. And I have to admit, I've actually enjoyed cooking the last few meals because I realize how much it has affected the dynamics in our home for the better.

Anyways - I hate posts without pictures, so here's a couple of Miss Brianna letting me know she wants a bath. I was actually in the process of undressing her to go get in the tub when I got a phone call. I put her down on the floor and ran to answer it. When I came back in the room she had crawled under her changing table, where her tub sits, and got right in and was playing. I guess she likes baths, even when there's no water. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, is she ever getting big. She doesn't even fit in the tub. She is so dang cute. Only 7 more weeks til I can kiss her little face. Is she walking yet?
Love, Mom

The DeVito's said...

She's darling! What a great post. I really struggle with my role as a wife/mother. I feel like I need to do those things, but running a company really is tough!