Thursday, March 5, 2009


We started Bri on meat a couple of days ago. I'm still making her baby food at home, and it was a little bit of a challenge. We started with chicken and the first day she did okay, it's just a weird chalky texture. The second day we struggled a bit. I froze the chicken in ice cube trays, just like I have done her fruit and veggies, but it didn't thaw out the same. When I defrosted it in the microwave it turned into this extremely dry ick. I tried to add some water which didn't do anything, now it just had water in the bottom and dry chicken still on the top. Brianna hated it! She would make this awful face and then scrape the chicken off her tongue with her little fingers and pull it out and hand it to me. I guess I can't really blame her, it was pretty disgusting. I even tried mixing it with some veggies and she still hated it. We only made it through about a fourth of the serving and I didn't want to torture her anymore, so I threw it away. Before I gave up on making meat baby food myself I decided to try again. I thawed a couple of cubes out in the fridge over night and then pureed them again. It worked a lot better, I just have to be careful when heating it up because it sucks out all the moisture really fast. I still don't think Bri really likes it. She'll eat it, but she doesn't look like she's enjoying it very much. I hope I didn't ruin chicken for her forever.

These pics are from the first time she ate the chicken. Even though she looked like she was going to cry the whole time, she actually did pretty good and ate it all up.

In other news we finally joined the real world and bought ourselves a printer. I know, we're so slow at keeping up with the times. But I guess the fact that we just barely purchased our first computer last year (which was second hand), it's not so weird that we just barely bought a printer. I'm pretty excited cause we can now print pictures. And since I'm a total slacker at getting pictures developed this will help out a ton. Hey, maybe I'll even start something crazy like scrapbooking now that I have pictures to do it with! :)


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with chicken! I talked to a friend who also does her own food, she says add something sweet to it like peaches or something. She does pork more than chicken because she gets a better flavor out of it.
You could also try some chicken broth in it :) Good luck lady, you are doing a great job!

Nicole said...

I am amazed that you have been making her food yourself. I just wimped out and bought Gerber. If you heat their meats they don't really get dry, but I never fed the girls straight meat. I would get the combo meals like: Chicken, peas and carrots. Maybe that's why they have them in combos?? Good luck

The DeVito's said...

Is she eating solids yet? I've never tried to actually puree and freeze the chicken. I give it to her just chopped up in little chunks. I take my Pampered Chef Quick Chop (do you have one of those?) and chop it in real small pieces. You might want to try it that way.