Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well just call me Gimpy (after my sister's cat - j/k), cause that's pretty much what I look like this week. I needed to start a load of laundry Monday morning, so I filled up the basket and headed to the laundry room. To get to our laundry room you have to go out through the garage and there's a step down as soon as you open the door. Well a day earlier my husband had been working on his snowmobile in the garage and he kept tracking in this nasty black stuff on the kitchen floor, so I'd asked him to take his shoes off. Well he did what I asked, but being a typical male, he left those shoes on the step right in front of the door. So here I go to do laundry and trip on one shoe with my left foot and start falling, I try to catch myself with my right foot and trip on his other shoe, well - I was a goner. Laundry goes flying as do I, and in the end I have huge bruise on my knee, arm and shoulder and am 99% sure I've broken one of my toes. OUCH!!! Men are such goobers sometimes - they just think so much differently than we do. I know that my husband was only trying to be nice and do what I had asked him to do and take off his shoes, but hello! - you don't leave them where people are going to trip over them.

Speaking of husbands being typical males - on Sunday when my husband was out in the garage fixing the above mentioned snowmobile, Brianna and I had headed for church. That morning I had woke up late and had been tearing through the house trying to get us both ready on time and out the door. I had left in a hurry leaving our house looking like a tornado had blown through - not to mention the pile of dishes that were in the sink and the hundreds of baby toys laying all over the floor. I get home and the house looks exactly the same - really no big deal because I was the one that had made it look that way and I really didn't expect my husband to clean it up. BUT... he'd asked one of his co-workers to come over and help him fix the snowmobile. Now don't get me wrong I really didn't expect him to spend 1-2 hours cleaning everything before he had company over but he could have at least picked up something... anything! For example, just off the top of my head, his wife's dirty pj's and underwear that were thrown on the bathroom floor! Nope - he even let the guy use the bathroom with all my stuff still out for him to see. Yep just a "little" embarrassing having your husbands co-worker see your underoos. Crazy men!!!

Just to sum everything up - I LOVE my husband so much, he's really the best!!! I know for a fact that most of the time he really does try to help me out, but sometimes he's such a guy - okay, okay I'm not really complaining about that either. It's just men think so different than we do and it's sometimes hard to accept that fact. I'm sure they think the same thing about us most of the time too. But I like ever other woman out there will still dream of the day when their husband just "gets it". Ha,Ha,Ha!!! :) Love you babe!!!

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Kristy said...

Don't make fun of Gimpy its not his fault :) Not his fault his mom and dad or brother and sister ha ha