Monday, February 23, 2009


I have been going a little stir crazy here at the house, so this weekend I begged Justin to take me out to a movie. The only problem - we didn't have a babysitter. But I convinced him if we went to the early movie there wouldn't be a lot of people there to bug if she was noisy. I wasn't really worried about Bri crying during the movie, I just worried that she'd talk (...really loud) during it. We ended up seeing Taken which was good and Brianna did great! She did talk a little too much, but since the movie was loud it didn't really matter. So much to Justin's pleasure, we probably should never take her to see a drama/girl movie and just stick to loud actions. :)

Though you can't even tell that we're in a movie theater, I had to snap a picture. Doesn't my husband look so excited to be there? At this point I think he was still worried that he'd have to spend the whole time out in the hall holding a crying baby. (Not to mention that fact that he thought I was a dork for taking a picture! :))

All in all we had a great time - we ate a ton of popcorn (and I mean a TON), watched a good flick, and spent a fun day together.

I also had to share this cute picture. I initially took this picture for Justin because Brianna found his bunny that he had as a little kid and was playing with it. (Not quite sure why he had a pink bunny??? But he did tell me there was also a blue one that matched it.) Anyways I love her cute grin with those little baby teeth showing.

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Kristy said...

Tell Justin he doesn't have to lie we all know there was no blue bunny!!! :)