Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well there's not much to say about our vacation other than it was so fun, nice, and relaxing. We got to spend time with family and friends, shopped, and ate a lot. :) I sure didn't want to come back to normal life. Here's a bunch of pictures that we took - and in true Lisa fashion I was horrible and didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have - but with that said there's still a lot.
Brianna grew leaps and bounds while we were there. She learned to pull herself up, she can say "da, da", she got four new teeth, and my mom taught her to wave "hi" - it is so stinkin cute. She was the hit at the airport on the way home, she was waving to everybody that we saw. This picture is the first time she pulled herself up - I went to go get her from her nap and when I opened the door she was standing there looking at me.
She got to spend time with both grandma's - she loved it! My mom had these cute books at her house that had animals that made noises. She couldn't get enough of them. Nana Walker gave her the cutest sippy cup with her name on it and this crazy little devil that talks - even though the dogs thought it was more of a chew toy.
Grandpa Anderson volunteered to feed Bri one day. It was hilarious - let's just say it got a little messy. :)

After eating one day she stuck her purple spoon in her mouth so we called her the "Giraffe".
She got to hang out with Great Aunt Jeannie and Great Grandpa Flint. Grandpa Flint turned 90 while we were there, but we sadly missed his birthday party which was thrown on the day we left. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Brianna got her first balloon at Warren's when we took Jeannie to dinner. She LOVED it! I wouldn't let her suck on the balloon itself (I know, such a mean mom), so she settled for the string.

We went to Hardware Ranch with my family to see all the elk. Brianna didn't care at all that the cold wind was blowing in her face on the sleigh ride, she just wanted see everything. (I so need a copy of everyone elses pictures!)

We spent a week with Justin's family in a gorgeous condo near Powder Mountain. Brianna got to meet her Aunt Wendy and Uncle Chuck for the first time. She was mesmerized by Wendy, if she wasn't with her mom, all she wanted was Wendy. (For some reason this is the only picture of them on my camera - I so stink at taking pictures!) Wendy and Chuck were our own personal chefs while we were there - it was wonderful!

Justin taught Miss Bri how to play the drums.
Justin's mom tried to teach me how to knit. I only say try because I was horrible at it. She did give me my own knitting needles to continue at home - the only problem is I'm not sure I know how to do it now that she's not there to help me every minute. :)

We don't have stairs anywhere in our house - so while we were there Bri attempted to learn how to climb them. She did okay, she'd climb up about 3 steps and them would want to go back down - which she hasn't learned how to do. :)

We had a fun send off dinner the last night that we were there. We got both families out for food and fun.

Thanks to both of our families that were so very generous to us while we were there - we very much appreciated everything!!! We love you all and hope to see you again sooner than later.


The DeVito's said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! It's amazing how fast they grow. She is beautiful!

Ryan, Melissa & Zachary said...

I still can't believe we didn't get to see you while you guys were here! That stinks!!!!! :(
We will have to do something next time you come FOR SURE! Brianna is getting so big and she is such a doll!!

Chantel said...

Ah how cute!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) Bri is getting so big and MAN she is cute!

Nat said...

Hello friend! So I followed a link on Tel's page, and I'm so glad to see you. Brianna is absolutely the most darling! How are you doing? What's your email?

Love, Nat