Friday, February 13, 2009


Well we're back from vacation. :( After being gone for 3 weeks I was ready to be back at my own house - just not a house quite so far away from everybody we love . We had a really fun time and it was so good to see everyone. More on that later.

I did have to post one cute picture that we took in the airport on the way home.
So I think I had the scariest moment yet as a mom yesterday. I was folding laundry in my room and Brianna was on the floor playing with the "cute baby" in the mirror. We have a full length mirror in our room that we've never hung on the wall, it's just leans against it (hello dumb mom - not smart!). Brianna has played with it a million times with no problems, so I really didn't think too much of it. I had even went and pulled on it five minutes earlier to see if I thought she could knock it down, again I thought everything was okay. Oh was I so very very wrong. I was putting clothes in the closet and all of a sudden I hear this super loud crash behind me. I turn around to the horrifying image of my baby crying underneath a huge pile of shattered glass. (Oh it makes my guts hurt every time I think of it). I ran and picked her up, and with tears in my eyes, frantically checked her all over for blood. I was sure we were going to be heading for the hospital for stiches -but luckily all that she ended up with was one little poke on her lip and a tiny scratch on the back of her hand. She actually stopped crying the second I picked her up, so I think she was more scared than hurt. Phew - thankfully she's okay. I think I have now won the prize for the dumbest mom of the year - I feel so bad and not to mention so very stupid!!!

On a less traumatic note we have had a really busy week since we've been home. While we were gone our furnace went out, which caused the pipes to freeze and break in our garage, which then caused the water softener to freeze and break. Oh what a pain! Luckily the damage was just out in the garage, so we didn't have any water damage. But it's now all fixed - too bad our list of things we wanted to buy in Utah got cut real short because of it. :(

Well I need to go get everything ready for taxes tomorrow - so I'll write more about our vacation later.

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