Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Man it seems like we're always on the run lately. Most of the time it's really nothing exciting, but between grocery shopping, cleaning the house, having company over, going to lunch with friends, visiting teaching, working - blah blah blah - it seems like I never get a break to sit down and blog. Well anyways here's a couple of things that you've missed at our house recently.

It's been getting colder, usually below 0 for most of the day. I always thought it was a chore to brave the weather with just myself, but with a baby it's seems like so much more work. You have to make sure the truck is actually warmed up all the way before you leave, bundle yourself, bundle, bundle, bundle the baby, and then try not to crash on the unplowed, icy Alaska roads. Not to mention that the idea of a "quick stop" has so gone out the window. You can never just stop at the store, run it, grab a gallon of milk, and run back out. With a baby you might as well just deal with no milk or get the rest of your grocery shopping done at the same time, because I'm not running us both out in the cold just for milk. Crazy!

Brianna has starting "TALKING"!!! (I'm working on getting a video of it so everyone can hear - it's so cute.) It's so amazing how much she's developing. She's says "Ma, Ma" and "Ba, Ba". I think all that sucking on her new teeth helped her to get her lips in place to make sounds. The first ma and ba came about 2 weeks ago when I was washing the dishes. I was so shocked, I was even a cheesy mom and called Justin at work and had him listen. She kept talking for 2 or 3 days and then the sounds disappeared and I couldn't get her to make them again, but this past weekend ma and ba returned - it's so fun to listen now to the even more exciting stories she tells us. She is also become quite a Curious George. (I don't know what I'm going to do when she starts crawling - which is so coming any day now.) She grabs at Everything and Anything! Diaper changes are starting to become a bit of a challenge because she wants to roll over and check out the wipes and lotion bottles above her head on the changing table. And she of course wants everything she's not supposed to have - remotes, silverware, glasses, mom's hair, dad's nose - I guess she a pretty typical baby.

Well I'm going to have to finish my update tomorrow - I need to start dinner. But I thought I'd add these cute pictures. Brianna is a true Girly Girl!!! :) The other night she was constantly trying to move around while Justin was holding her. She ended up laying down on her belly in dad's lap, so he started rubbing her back - she loved it! It was too cute! She has even done it a couple times since. Oh Justin's going to be in trouble with 2 girls now begging for back rubs. :)

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The DeVito's said...

She is too cute! I can't imagine how you deal with that cold. I'm not cut out for that. It got to 55* today and I was stressed out about having to get a coat on Bella and me out the door!