Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've been trying to get a good picture of this for awhile and can't quite capture the funniness of it - so here's the best ones we got. The day after her first tooth came in she found it and started sucking on it. It's hilarious to watch and sometimes quite ugly. We call it the bitter beer face or the little old lady face (because it looks like she's an old lady with no teeth). Along with this face comes this weird grunting sound - remember Forest Gump when his mom is getting it on with the principal so he can go to school and Forest makes "sex noises" at him when he comes out - that's what it sounds like! :) It's so funny but also kind of embarrassing - I laugh and want her to stop all at the same time. LOL!

Also every time Justin sees her do this he says, "I got a tooff", it's too cute, because it's really like she's trying to show us that she has a tooth. But we can't say it anymore because she has TEETH now! Her other bottom front tooth came in this past weekend.
In other news, our new tenants move in today. Yippee - we're done cleaning! It was a big process but the place looks better than it ever has since we've owned it. We fixed a lot of the drywall that had old, bad patches on it, fixed the 2 big holes that the last tenants made in the walls, put new oak trim in which looks really nice (it had the really cheap looking white trim before - now we want to do it on our side), and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. But the place looks great and the tenants seem nice so we're happy.


Anonymous said...

She is going to be so mad at u when she grows up and finds these pics. lol She's still cute in an old lady bitter beer face ha ha.
Love ya and miss ya

Chantel said...

Too cute! I love her little face.

Kent, Krista & Sawyer said...

I love her cute face. It doesn't look like it can be ugly...but I'm not there to see it like you are...LOL.

She is too cute!