Thursday, September 4, 2008


Brianna's 4 month well child check was yesterday, so I thought I'd share her stats.

Weight: 15lbs 11oz - 90%
Height: 24.5" - 50%
Head: 16.5" - 75%

I also thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures that we've taken over the last couple of weeks.

Bri has found a true love for toes! The bad part is she also likes them when she's got socks on - so most of the time she has soaking wet feet.

She also has started sucking her thumb. If anyone has any advise on how to break this habit at this age be sure to let me know. The doctor pretty much told us there's not really any hope at this age, but we can try if we want. Umm - thanks for the advice? :)

Givin loves to Miss Daizy.
My monkey eating her monkeys.
We thought we might set her out in the yard for decoration.
Also at her doctor's visit I had one of those bad mom moments. I kinda felt like I was on that show Supernanny and I was the dumb parent that didn't realize that their an idiot. Since we came home from vacation in Utah Bri has had a really messed up sleep schedule. She went from sleeping 7-8 hours a night to 2-3 hours. There were very few good night mixed in, but for the most part she just kept getting worse and worse - so I asked the doc for some advise. Well as soon as she said anything I was like - "Hello! Why didn't I think of that?" Every time that she wakes up in the night I have gotten up with her and feed her thinking if she woke up she must be hungry and letting her fall back asleep while she ate. Umm duh - nothing like teaching your child the only way to fall back asleep is to get fed. The doc said that we should really be trying to teach her to fall asleep on her own, and if she wakes up after only being asleep for 2 hours to let her cry and let her teach herself how to put herself back to sleep.
So we started the torture last night, and let's just say it was torture. :) She did really good when we put her to bed awake, she whined for 10-15 minutes and then fell asleep. And then she woke up a couple hours later... I felt so bad!!! The first 30 mins of crying I was okay with, it was the next 90 minutes that I had a really hard time with. She'd quiet down every so often and I would think finally, and then it would immediately start again. I kept having to tell myself, "Lisa if you go in and get her now, you'll ruin the whole thing and she'll learn that it she just cries long enough mom will come running." But she finally did it after 2 crazy hours and she slept for the rest of the night. Man I'm glad that infants don't carry grudges, cause I was afraid she might really hate me for pulling that stunt. But she still seems to love mom today, so I guess will still be friends. :)


Nicole said...

I hate the nights when you have to let them cry!! I think the only reason I get through it is because Brandon holds me down. Sad- and don't think your in Supernanny territory- at least your not letting her beat the crap out of you :).

Chantel said...

Uh.. I am not help, you saw how wild my kids are! She is super cute and I want to kiss those cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Best sleep book ever for all ages and stages... Solve your childs sleep problems by Richard Ferber (gives reasons for behavior, and what to do...and really not harsh at all) I so wish I would have read that when Connor was little and wouldn't have had to struggle through three years before I fixed the issues!
At least with the thumb it isn't a binky and she can't lose it :) No, you can't take it away from her but at least she is finding her way to self sooth. Connor sucked his for a while but the he just stopped and moved on to carrying his blanket when he was sleepy or upset.
You are doing great there mamma...don't ever doubt that (though you will a million times over her lifetime) She is too cute!
~Amanda M~

Kassey said...

Your baby is so cute! The whole thunb sucking thing youe should enjoy it!! If she can find it and put it in her own mouth and it stops her from crying yea!! MY kids all loved the binkie and I am so glad, that way they have a easy comfort at bed. Now when she is two and still sucks yea I don't know, I am still trying to take the binkie away from my two year old, Good luck!!