Monday, September 15, 2008


So I have started to notice that Brianna is taking after her dad more and more every day and not just in the looks department. A perfect example was yesterday at church. Brianna and I were sitting in Relief Society (a class for the women in our church) listening to the lesson. When my cute little girl let out the biggest fart while filling her diaper that I think I've ever heard a kid make. I mean she could seriously compete with a full grown man and possibly win. Everyone in the class of course heard it and all turned to stare in our direction. It was so funny and so embarrassing all at the same time. I humbly apologized to the class for interrupting the lesson and they all started to laugh. Yep, she would make her father proud. HA,HA,HA!!!

In other news, Justin is finally off moose hunting. It's been a nightmare getting him out there this year, but I think he's finally on his way. Getting to the place where he moose hunts is kind of a difficult task, they have to cross a big river on boat with their four wheeler's to get to the trail that takes them far back into the woods. He made plans with three different people that have boats to get him across the river, just to make sure that he'd be able to go. And with his poor luck all three fell threw. Two of them backed out at the last minute and the third, that actually was willing to take them across, got stuck and tore a hole in his boat while driving there to pick them up. So after coming back home Friday night he made a fourth plan to have another guy take them across the river - the bad part was that this guy's boat is not really big enough to carry four wheelers - but he was bound and determined that he could "make it work". So he called me last night to tell me that they had made it across with no one drowning, but he has soaking wet because he had to jump in the river to save one of the game carts that fell off. Good grief, I think he has way more drama in his life than us women. :) So everyone keep their fingers crossed for Mr Justin Face to get a big moose or it's going to be pretty miserable around here at the Walker house. Here's a funny picture of my "Great White Hunter" packing, even though he looks more like a Beverly Hillbilly with all that stuff!
So Bri and I are just hanging out here around the house this week. I am going to work a couple of afternoons at my old job later this week. They've been having a lot of staffing problems the past month, so I'm going in to help them out. I don't have anyone to babysit Bri, so she's coming along with me, which should be really interesting. Hopefully she'll be a good girl and I'll be able to actually do some work while I'm there.

Oh and we are getting new neighbors - Wahoo! Our nasty tenants found a house that they wanted to buy and asked if it was okay if they left. So because we really don't like them, we let them out of their lease early so we could try and get some non-white trash tenants. I was really worried about doing this because it took us over two months to find these tenants last winter and it really puts a strain on our finances when the apartment goes empty. But to my surprise we got it leased out in 3 days - yes three!!! I was so excited! So hopefully these people are a little more normal, which won't be hard considering their competition. :)

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Nicole said...

good luck with the new tenants! I can totally sympathize with the big loud toots in Relief Society- both my girlys did that too :).