Tuesday, June 24, 2008


WOW - is all I can say!!! I can't believe our Miss Bri is already 2 months old! Time has flown by so fast and she's growing like a weed. The little munchkin has turned into quite the cute little porker. But I keep telling her to live it up because this is the only time in her life where it's cute to have rolls and rolls of chub. :) She is such a sweetie and I love to kiss on those cheeks all day long! She has started to jabber a lot the past week and it has been so fun to hear. She loves to tell mom, dad and even the dogs lots of good stories. She also has found her hands - and she loves them. She's sucking on them all the time and tries to stick her whole fist in her mouth, and about half of the time she'd rather have her fingers than her pacifier. She is such a good baby - we're so very lucky. She has been sleeping an average of 6 hours a night and I am loving it! Justin got home on Thursday night and then he took Friday off from work, so he got to spend a long weekend with us. It was so fun just to hang out as a family with no other interruptions. We went to dinner one night, took Brianna grocery shopping for the first time, had a campfire in the yard (although Bri and I spent most of the time in the screen house cause the mosquitoes are MISERABLE!), and went on a scenic drive to get ice cream. Bri was such a good little girl everywhere we went. It was also so fun to have Justin there with us during the day. Brianna has rough time from about 7-10pm every night, she gets really tired and grumpy, so her dad doesn't get to see her very often when she's just happy and content. So it was really fun watching them just chill out together. Happy 2mo Day Brianna!

(She has her 2 month old well child check on Friday, so I'll post her stats then)


The DeVito's said...

She is adorable! How did you manage to not take her to the grocery store for two months??

Kent, Krista & Sawyer said...

She is FREAKING cute! I would love to kiss on her chubby cheeks too. Congrats!