Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well now that I've become a full time momma I decided that I should follow suit of my other "stay at home mom" friends and start up a blog. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our lives with family and friends, since we're so very far away. I don't know how much time I'll have to be update this page since little Bri consumes a lot of my time these days, but hopefully I'll find more time to get on the computer in between feedings, naps, showers and cleaning. I haven't quite figured out all the fun things to do with your page yet, so it might be a little blah for a little while until I learn how to not be a computer idiot.

Brianna is now 6 weeks old and is doing great! She's getting so big I just can't believe it. She's starting to turn into this cute little person with her own little personality and it's so fun to watch. She started to smile last week which totally melts my heart. Getting that sweet little smile makes all those middle of the night feedings, poopy diapers, and crying for no obvious reason so very worth it. She's starting to sleep better through the night and staying up more during the day (I think she might have figured out the whole night and day thing - well kind of). Instead of waking up every 2-3 hours she's going to about every 3-4 at night. And one time she went for a whole 5 - mom was so very happy! We're still working on her sleeping in her crib - but she is sleeping in her own room now. She gets really burpy when she sleeps and it wakes her up, so she's been sleeping in her car seat. But during the day I try and get her to go down in her crib, but she'll usually wake up within 10-30 min. One day we'll get there. :)

Well speaking of our "children", we had a little scare with Miss Daizy this week. We had taken the dogs to a kennel over Memorial Day weekend while we went down to the coast for a fishing trip. When we got back she was just not acting herself. She wasn't eating (which is really unusual because she'll literally eat anything she can get away with), throwing up, and peeing a lot. We just kept an eye on her thinking that she would just get better on her own. Well on Monday morning when I woke up she was having a hard time getting up and she'd stumble when walking so I called the vet immediately and got her an appointment. Well when Justin took her in for her appt. the vet took one look at her and knew she was in trouble. They did some blood work and told us that her kidney functions were basically non existent and her body was basically shutting down. With out saying "she's dying", they told us that she either had some kind of infection and wasn't going to make it or she might have a disease called Addison's disease. So even though we didn't want her to have any kind of diseases we were praying that she had this Addison's. Well after a couple hours of waiting for blood work doing xrays and hooking Daizy up to an IV for medications we found out that she did indeed have Addison's... thankfully. So we ended having to transfer her to puppy intensive care for the night, but she was doing a lot better by the end of the next day and we got to bring her back home. Basically Addison's is where her adrenal glands stop producing the hormones that help you deal with stress. The vet said that she's probably had this for awhile now because her body doesn't produce any hormone at all. She said taking her to the kennel was the straw that broke the camel's back and she went into an Addison's crisis. She told us that Daizy must have gotten really stressed out at the kennel and her body couldn't handle it and so it just started shutting down. But she said that it actually probably saved her life by going to the kennel because it brought this crisis out so we can now treat it, otherwise it would have just slowly killed her. So anyways now our cute little pup is going to be on medication and shots for the rest of her life that will cost over a $100 per month. Not to mention the vet bill for 2 days was over $900! Man what you will pay for your pets, but hey - she's family - right? No really, we love her so much it wasn't even an issue if we were willing to pay for the medications. Justin did say luckily it wasn't Alley, cause he might have not been so willing to fork over the money. :)

Well Brianna is starting to wake up so I should probably end this. Hope everyone enjoys our little family blog. More to come later.


Chantel said...

Welcome to the blog world!! Bri is SO cute, how do you not sit and kiss her all day? I am glad to see your other "baby" is OK too :)

Nicole said...

Hurray!! I hope you have more than just me and Chantel visit your site, but it's worth it even if its just us. Your baby is ADORABLE (I know, you already know)! Good luck with Daisy, I was about to mock you, and then I remembered I spent $600 on a dog I had just got from the pound :).

Ryan, Melissa & Zachary said...

YAY! I am so glad that you started a blog! I already added you to our family list on our page. If you want to check out our blog, it is at:

Bri is just so dang cute! I love all those pictures you emailed the other day. Your mom and dad brought a picture of her to Dallin's wedding last night to show her off to everyone, do you think they are proud grandparents or what!

The DeVito's said...

Hey Lisa! It's Holly Meikle. Your daughter is darling. Sorry to hear about your puppy. My dogs are my "kids" too!