Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well Justin left for Texas on Saturday for a school for 2 weeks, and Brianna and I have been missing him - A LOT!!! Why is it that you don't fully appreciate someone until they're gone? I am so terrible at this, and wish I could be better. Justin is such a great husband and friend that sometimes I get so used to the great guy that he is that I start taking him for granted. He is always taking care of me and giving up things so I can get something better. From staying home from a fishing trip because he doesn't want me to be left alone, to eating the slightly burnt piece of chicken at dinner so I can have the perfectly cooked one, waking up early on his day off to take my car to get registered because I procrastinated and didn't get it done, to still cooking me dinner when he gets home because I was busy tending to Brianna - even though I've been home all day. He still even wants to take me on camping trips even though I'm usually grumpy and secretly I think he sometimes would like to leave me out in the middle of the woods and let the wild animals eat me. :) Well the list could seriously go on and on and on! He always wants to make me happy and will do almost anything to just make me laugh or smile. It was really cute before he left for Texas he went grocery shopping for me. I think he thought that I was going to starve to death. He knows that I hate to cook and am always about something fast and easy when it comes to making dinner. So when he came home and I was putting things away I noticed he bought a 2 weeks supply of microwavable burritos and pizzas and a lot of tortilla chips and salsa. He cracks me up! He's also been such a good and supporting dad. He loves Brianna so much - yes, she already has him wrapped around her cute little fingers. He hates to see her mad and crying and gets frustrated when he can't calm her down. And he loves to sing her old country songs as lullaby's - it's the cutest thing ever! He's always worried about keeping her safe, happy and healthy. He would literally do anything for his girl's.
So anyways, I have to give a big thank you to my Justin Face for letting him be mine. We miss you and can't wait until you get back home. I love you for always babe! You're the BEST!!!

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The DeVito's said...

I'm sorry your husband is gone. I don't know how I would function if Frank weren't around with a newborn!