Thursday, June 12, 2008


So Tuesday night I gave Brianna her first bottle. Let's just say it was an adventure. No really she pretty much just hated the whole thing. At first she just kinda gummed the nipple and seemed okay with that. But then I think she thought it was like her pacifier and gave it a couple good sucks. Whoa bad idea - I don't think she was expecting milk to come out and she totally choked on it. Then she started into her blood curdling scream. I would finally get her calmed down and try again. And the next hour was spent either choking on milk or screaming every time she took a suck. After only about 3/4 of an ounce she finally gave up and feel asleep. Poor thing! :( I felt so bad. And then there was Bri's crazy mom in the situation. I know that most people are going to think I'm some kind of wacko, but I was crying part of the time too. Not because it was frustrating like you'd think. I mean the whole point of getting her take a bottle is so someone else can feed her - right? Which would make most mom's happy because this will bring a little more freedom in her life. No not my psycho head - the first time she gave the bottle a really good suck I start tearing up and cry because now "someone else can feed her". Even though it was still breast milk that she was eating I felt some kinda of loss of bonding - I know I'm weird. Man I hope this isn't an insight into the future for me being able to cut the strings later in her life. :)

Well anyways we tried the bottle again last night and things went a lot better. She did cry a couple of times, but quickly figured out the whole suck and swallow thing. And only after about 20 minutes she had her whole bottle finished. Yippee! Oh and by the way - no tears for mom this time. Ha, Ha, Ha!


Nicole said...

Lisa- I cannot say that I have ever thought that with my girls- ever. But I totally understand the crying over silly little things :)- that every new mother does. Can't wait until the end of July.

The DeVito's said...

I can so see me doing that! I haven't tried a bottle with Izzie yet and am dreading doing it. Glad she is getting used to it!