Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh how I've been slacking on blogging!!! And I don't even have a good excuse - I just never get around to it. But anyways here's a little look at our Christmas - I know, I know, it was forever ago!!! This year it was so fun because Brianna is now old enough to kind of understand the whole Christmas concept. She was so fun! This year she asked Santa to bring her a black horse (not sure where she came up with this, but she thought of it all on her own), and a Mickey Mouse phone (she wanted it at the store one day, so I told her to ask Santa for it). So here's a ton of pictures of our day.

Getting Santa's cookies out. We didn't have any carrots for the reindeer, so we went with some celery sticks.

Opening her Christmas Eve presents.

She got a little Christmas book and these cute little jammies.
Christmas Eve - man did this kid get spoiled. It looked like we had 5 kids! :) Every single present you see was for her!!!

Opening her stocking.
The Mickey Mouse phone.

Gotta love her shoes! :)
Playing some tunes for dad to sing to. LOL!!!
The "Black Horse".

She was is so CUTE!!! She ran to go get a present and was bringing it back to sit by me and open it when she stopped in the middle of the living room, looked at me, turned around and looked at all her presents, ran back and grabbed another and brought it to me and told me, "Mommy, you need to open a present!". It was just so sweet to see her not all about her and thinking everything was hers - she just wanted to share.
Being super silly with daddy.
Of course the big hit of the day was the box that Justin made into a fort.
Here's a little video of her getting her kitchen - sorry it's so dark.

It was such a fun day. It took her forever to open everything. We just let her take her time and play with everything in between. I'm pretty sure we could have gotten her 2 presents and she would have been just as happy. I was telling my parents that it looked like we had 5 kids and they just laughed and said the funny thing is even if you had five kids there would still just be the same amount of presents But oh well, I guess she'll only get spoiled for so long, so she might as well live it up! :) Man I love my little family - I am so blessed!!! And a BIG THANKS to all of our family that helped make it a special day for Brianna!!! Even though we were far away from home we still felt loved!


Dustin & Kristy said...

I love it ya u need to get back into blogging. But she gets the horse thing from me ha ha. Can't wait for more posts ;)

Chantel said...

I didn't know if you were every going to come back :) Your Bri is getting so big! Spoil her all you can...they don't stay little very long! It looks like you had a great Christmas!