Sunday, February 6, 2011


The first couple weeks in December Nanny & Papa Walker came to visit. They spend the winters down in Arizona, so during their trek in the RV down from Vermont they stopped to see us. Although it was cold and Justin had to work most of their visit, we had a nice relaxed time just hanging out. Brianna got totally spoiled while they were here! She got so used to them bringing her presents every time she saw them that if they didn't have something in their hands when they walked through the door she would ask them, "What you bring me?". :) Kinda embarrassing and cute at the same time!

Here's Bri and Nanny cuddling. It was so nice to see Barb feeling better this time. Last time we saw her she was really sick and could barely get up and walk around. It was amazing to see the transformation - she even was able to chase or be chased around the house by Brianna.
Hanging with Papa! She loved climbing all over him!!!
Getting a little horsey ride.
Playing with one of the many presents she got.
I couldn't help but include this following one. (Check out where Bri's hand is!!! Crazy child!!! LOL!!!)
While they were here we got the house ready for Christmas. Justin's parents were even nice enough / sneaky enough to buy us our Christmas tree!
Bri helping mom out.
Nanny was the ornament hand-er-outer.
The bottom of the tree was very well decorated. The rest was done by me cause the men were too busy hanging up lights around the house.
I don't know why, but after each ornament she hung up she would sprint to the kitchen and get a drink from her water bottle and then sprint back.
Me and Barb.
Holy "CHEEEESE" face!!!
Posing for a finale picture by the tree.
I had to include this "evil stare" one too! She's too funny - man that kiddo makes me laugh!!!
We also went to see Santa Clause at the mall, but since you can't use your own camera and to get a picture it costs 4 easy payments of $49.99, we decided to just take these pictures next to Santa's house.
Bri wasn't too fond of Santa - she didn't cry, but she did not want to sit on his lap. So she sat next to him on the bench with me sitting on the other side. The Santa there was so lame and barely even talked to her. No "Ho,Ho,Ho" of even a "What do you want for Christmas?". I think we only got a couple "ok's" out of him. Dumb!
We look forward to seeing Nanny & Papa again in April. It's such a nice perk to live back in the lower 48 and get to see family more often.


The Hopper Fam said...

it is so great to see your family. Brianna is growing up really fast. What a little lady. She looks like she is such a nut! Love you Lisa!

mamatamera said...

Ditto what Lia said. Cute new blog makeover for Valentine's day too.

Dustin & Kristy said...

LOL I laughed so hard about her with her hand down her pants!!!!