Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So over New Year's Grandma and Grandpa Anderson came to visit for a few days. We had a really good time with them. Since they weren't here for very long so we mostly just hung out, played with Brianna, and well of course ate a lot of food. :) Oh and of course we all got spoiled with some belated Christmas presents!!! (Thank you mom & dad!!!) They came in on New Year's Eve, and since Justin had to work, we went to Cattleman's Steakhouse for dinner - the steak was SO good - definitely the best steak I've ever ate at a restaurant. Then we just hung out that night at home and watched a movie. Justin did make it home right before midnight, which was fun. Although we did try to watch the famous ball drop on tv, the stupid local Oklahoma station cut to some live feed of people here in town - so it was a little anti-climatic.

Justin arranged to get one day off while they were here so we took a little trip down to a drive-thru zoo. It was really fun / funny! There were a couple of crazy animals that made the whole trip - we couldn't stop laughing!!! The big hit though was the giraffes - you could actually feed them by hand without being scared they were going to bite your fingers off - Brianna loved it!

So here's some pictures of their trip.

Playing with Mrs. Potato head with grandma.
She calls this her "Santa Clause" beard.
My dad let her wear his glasses - which she thought was awesome. This picture is just too funny!!! LOL!!! Oh I can't stop laughing!!!
She's pretending to being grandma in this picture. (For those of you that don't know, my mom has terrible arthritis in her shoulders so she always has a pillow to rest her arms on.)
We went to a local diner one morning before Justin went to work for breakfast.
(Bri wasn't up for pictures)
Had to add this first one cause well, it just cracks me up! (Can we say bitter beer face?!?!)
A little bit better.
Trying to entertain Brianna on the drive down to the zoo.
I hate looking at people's zoo pictures, so I just added the funny or cute ones. (These are the animals that made the trip)

This is the inbreed llama!!! LOL!!! We couldn't stop laughing... we named him Bucky!
Open WIDE!
These weird some sorta cows came begging for food. The would just stand there with their mouths open waiting for you to dump food in. Their breath stunk SO bad - and the one I was feeding totally burped in my face which literally blew my hair back!!! YUCK!!!
Justin just ended up dumping the rest of his food cup into it's mouth.
This is the meanest/craziest ostrich ever. We hated it. It followed us down by the giraffes and kept trying to stick it's head in our truck while we were feeding the giraffes. We let it out of our sight for just a minute and it stuck it's head in and was trying to attack Brianna - everyone was screaming and beating this dumb ostrich in the head. (It makes me laugh now cause it must have looked so stinkin funny)
I took a picture of it's feet cause they are so disgusting!!!
Bri decided to drive for a little while. She did pretty good! :)
The best part - feeding the giraffes.
She had so much fun - she could have done this all day.
The whole family.
We stopped on the way home for dinner. Here's Bri with her Sweetie dog.
Just a cute family picture that my mom took.
Bri got a hold of the camera and went around taking pictures of everyone. The pictures that she took actually turned out pretty good.
Here's grandma.
And grandpa.
And daddy (he was fixing our vacuum)
And of course of of Daizy.
Showing off her slide for grandma.
Taking a chips and dip break. :)
Showing off her "skills".
We had such a fun time with them - and are looking so forward to seeing them again in April!!!


Dustin & Kristy said...

BAAAHAAAAHAAAA!!!! I totally laughed out loud at work reading this. The glasses!! and the cow burping in your face!!!! Oh my gosh i'm crying right now LOL!!!!

Ryan, Melissa & Zachary said...

The ostrich story totally made me laugh out loud! I hate the stupid thing, just seeing the picture of it makes me want to punch it in the face!!

Aubrey said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That was the funniest post ever. Brianna is so hilarious. Love that the cow burped in your face. That is so funny. Can't wait to see you either!!! Love you!!