Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Brianna is the best big sister. I was really worried about what she would do when we brought Ryan home - I mean she loves babies, but she doesn't really love mom with other children. I was really nervous that she would be jealous, but so far she has been great! You can tell she doesn't get quite as much attention, (she'll want to sit right next to me when I feed Ryan, she asks to cuddle with me more, or she's really loud when she's playing, Check Spellingand she's been more on the whiny side lately) - but she's never been mean or mad at Ryan. She's such a big helper too - which mom is loving. She loves to hold her baby, give him a TON of kisses, and is always concerned when he's crying (which she's getting a lot better at tuning out... he cries a lot :(). There was even one morning Ryan fell asleep so I put him in his crib and went to take a shower. About the time I put the shampoo in my hair he started to cry. I heard Brianna run by the bathroom saying that she'd help and take care of him. She tried to give him his binkie, but he just kept spitting it out and the crying kept getting louder and louder. As I was hurrying and getting out of the shower she comes into the bathroom crying herself. I ask her what's wrong and she sniffles, I just can't get Ryan to stop crying. :) She's too sweet!

First time holding Ryan.
Smoochin on him.
She kept telling my mom that you had to "pat" him.
She loves to hold him and asks me ALL the time.
This is her favorite, when I leave him sitting on the couch and she can crawl up next to him and "play" with him.
More kisses!
I've had to correct her a couple of times because she likes to "make-out" with him. LOL!
Another time I was in the bedroom for a minute while Ryan and Brianna were on the couch together. He started to fuss and I asked Brianna if he was ok. She yells back ya, he's good. He stopped crying so I thought she'd put the binkie in his mouth, but when I come back to the living room she's all smiles. She says to me, "Don't worry mom, he started crying so I just stuck my finger in his mouth!". She was so proud of herself. (We had to have a talk about that too.)
She also wants to be in every picture with him. :)

And sometimes just like him. Ha,Ha,Ha!
Can I just say I HAVE THE CUTEST KIDS EVER!!! I love them so much and am just so blessed to have these two little munchkins be mine. My heart is full!


Carlia said...

i'm so happy for you lisa! being a mom is the best thing ever!!!!!

The DeVito's said...

SO fun! I LOVE how Bella is with Grayson. We've had the same "problems" with her behavior, both with her and the helping. I can't wait til they can actually play together! Ryan will love Brianna too!