Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well this year for Halloween, I was going to be the "good" mom and make sure we got pumpkins to carve (we didn't last year). But Halloween just kinda snuck up on me and it was quickly Halloween day and no pumpkins were carved... Blah! So instead I got out the markers and let Brianna have at it. To be honest I really think she had a lot more fun doing this than she would have if we'd ended up carving them. She loved drawing on them and even ended up drawing on them every day for about a week.

Creating her masterpiece.
She was SO happy!
She wouldn't even let us save the big one to carve later - she was having so much fun.

Our little monster. (Thanks Kristy for the cute outfit!)
Giving his Halloween "Growl"
Oh I LOVE these cheeks!!!
We decided to go to the zoo this year to go trick-or-treating. I thought it sounded like fun and Brianna was super excited to go get candy AND see the animals. Well... it was a total bust. I didn't realize that they actually put all the animals away before they let the trick-or-treaters in. DUMB! I mean what's the big deal about having trick-or-treating at the zoo if you're not going to let the kids see the animals???

Posing with dad before we headed into the zoo.
Trying to get a picture of Brianna and her horse Pinto.
She's so silly.
Here's what Ryan did the whole time trick-or-treating.
This random boy wanted to be in the picture. (And yes, it's a boy - I totally called him a girl and his mom got mad. Um hello - he had this long, beautiful ponytail - How was I supposed to know?)
There were different Halloween scenes set up around the zoo that were sponsored by the companies that handed out the candy.
She wanted to be eaten by the shark.
I think Ryan got so scared he had to cover his eyes. ;)
In the spooky smoke of the dragon.

She was so concerned about this spider and wanted to set him free.
She got a little scared of the moving trees.
Checking out the fairy's forest.

Take a bite, my dearie.
She was so over trick-or-treating at this point. She was tired and didn't want to walk anymore and was complaining that she was hungry (someone wouldn't eat her dinner before we left the house). She even started telling the people that were handing out candy that she didn't want any, that she just wanted to go home.

We ended up stopping at McDonald's on the way home and got her a Happy Meal. And she tells me to turn around and says, "Look mom, I'm happy now!". Sadly I think this was her favorite part of the night! LOL!!!


Melissa said...

Ok first of all, Yay! Love all the new posts! That is so dumb that they put all the animals away! I totally thought that was a little girl in that picture too, bahahaha! Oh and Ryan is so dang cute, I just want to kiss his little cheeks!!! :)

Chantel said...

Your kids are TOO cute! I am not sure how you even got out of the house after JUST having a baby. It looks like you had fun though. We did boo at the zoo in KC and they didn't have the animals out then either?? What is going on with that? Can't wait to see you soon!