Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Good grief I am so stinkin at updating this blog lately. I don't know why - I guess it's cause nothing really exciting is happening, so I can't think of really anything to blog about. Anyways I thought I'd just post a couple of crazy pictures I found on my camera this week. Some of them are a couple months old, but they made me laugh.
Brianna in her dad's bunny boots. She LOVES shoes and will try on every body's shoes when they're here. These suckers were so heavy she couldn't even walk. It was so funny!!!
My little Hannibal Lector!
This picture makes me laughs so hard every time I see it!!!
Playing in her toy box with her little buddy Christian.
Heading to church when it was almost 40 below. She looks like a bag lady!!! :) Ha,Ha,Ha!!! (I did take the outer green coat off before we walked into church so she wasn't quite so homely.)
She loves her little table for anything but what it's intended for. She loves to play under it, on top of it, and enjoys pushing it around the house - but will hardly ever sit down and color on it.
She thinks the spray bottle is the coolest toy ever!
She loves to unpack the drawers in the kitchen and climb/sit in them. Last Saturday morning I was in the shower and Justin was watching TV. He noticed that the microwave was running so he went into the kitchen and there Brianna was sitting on the counter top (she used the drawers as a ladder) playing with the microwave. She pointed at it and said "Cookin!" Glad she's picking up on her mama's awesome cooking skills! :)
In other news, we're sitting pretty much at a stand still with the whole PCSing business. We're not sure if we are headed to Wyoming anymore - yep I might be stuck here forever. :) Since Justin has got these back issues we're not really sure if our orders are going to be approved. It's leaning to the side of we're going to stay here until his back is fixed - but who knows. It's getting kinda frustrating not knowing what the heck is going on, but I guess there's nothing I can do about it - except complain, which I sadly do probably too often. Justin had a steroid shot about a month ago and hasn't seen any effects from it, so we think he's probably headed for surgery. We're waiting on a second opinion with a neurosurgeon down in Washington, so we'll see how that pans out. We're just worried that he's going to get kicked out of the military - what a waste with only 5 more years until retirement. UGH!!! We're just praying they can limp him along for the next 5 years or medically retire him. It's just scary thinking we could end up with no job and no insurance by the end of the year. But hopefully we'll get some answers in the next couple of weeks.
On a lighter note it's been really warm (for you non-Alaskans that's like 20-40 degree temperatures! :)) It has been wonderful!!! I even went outside yesterday with no coat on!!! And not to mention it's getting lighter and lighter every day. I definitely have spring fever going on.
Brianna is growing like crazy - I know I say that all the time, but I still catch myself staring at her wondering how she ever got so big. She is talking up a storm. Not all of it I catch or understand, which is quite funny sometimes. For example we were out to eat a couple of weeks ago and she was standing in her chair pointing at people and yelling what I think was yes - except that her yes sounded more like an "@$$". Here both Justin and I were laughing, turning bright red while people were staring at our unruly child. (On a side note - I am positive that she wasn't saying the swear, cause really I don't think she's ever heard this one. If Justin or I slip and curse in front of her this is definitely not the ones we use!) But for the most part she can and will repeat almost everything you say - oh except thank you and I love you - what's up with that?!?!? She is still seriously crazy about babies!!! She thinks everything and anything are her babies. I even caught her "rocking" the bear on her pj's the other day. Oh and she told me yesterday that one of her alphabet magnets from the fridge was crying as she tried to console it. She just cracks me up every day at the crazy little things she comes up with.
Well I guess other than that we're doing pretty good. Justin and I are on a diet, which is kinda nice to be doing it together. I could say we're helping each other along the road, but he has wheel power like mad man, so basically he's dragging me along kicking and screaming. BTW - I hate men!!! I'm pretty sure I've lost 2 maybe 3 pounds since we started two weeks ago, while Justin has lost 15-20. It's really like that commercial on tv for some women diet drug where the wife says with disgust "What!!! - Do you want to weigh nothing!" cause it's so easy for her husband to lose weight. Oh well I'll catch up some day! But hopefully you'll see a skinnier lookin couple in the next few months!!!


mamatamera said...

Well I hope they figure out where they are sending you soon. That's a pain!

Chantel said...

I hope they get things figured out soon. I am sure that stinks to be in limbo. Brianna is getting SO big and a lot of hair! It is sad how fast they grow. I am wishing you the best of luck on the diet. I never diet with Barrett. The other night I had chicken and salad for dinner and 30 seconds before bed he came in eating 4 poptarts and washed it down with a Coke!! How is he at his goal weight but I can't get there?? BOO!

price said...

oh what a cutie pie u have! I just love her! Hope u don't have to wait too much longer to figure out what they're going to do with u guys!! until then... i can just hope ( i know im mean) that ull stay here so ill have more than one friend!!:)