Monday, March 22, 2010


A week or so ago I took Brianna up to base for a quick dog mushing ride. She was so stinkin cute. It was nap time when we went so I didn't know how well she would do, but she ended up loving it! When we got there, we headed down the hill to where they were doing the rides and was informed that the dogs were too tired and they were ending the rides early. A little disappointed that I drove all the way to base and woke Brianna up for nothing I told the lady we would just stay and watch the last 2 runs because Bri loves puppies so much. We stayed a little off to the side and watched the dogs - Brianna was so excited. Every time the puppies would come around the bend she would yell "Go puppies!!!" and clap. The guy that was in charge kept watching her and smiling and when the last 2 runs were over he called me over and told us that they would make one more run for such a cute little girl. I was going to go with her, but as we were about to get on another girl named Natalie walked down the hill wanting a ride too, so I asked her if it would be alright if she held Bri. I kinda wanted to go but I'm sure the dogs were glad they got to carry Natalie instead of my large behind - but it was good cause I got to take pictures instead.

At first she freaked out because I just threw her on Natalie's lap (a total stranger) and started taking pictures. But after I calmed her down and showed her that she was on a sled with the puppies she was ok.
Happy again and ready to GO!!!
And they're off!!!
Natalie said she laughed and yelled the whole time.
Here they come! The trainers had to run out there to keep them on track - they were so tired after they made the last turn they would try to run up the hill to their truck - I think they were ready to go home.
My Little Alaskan Dog Musher
Puckered up to give the puppy a kiss!
She LOVED it!!! So FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

That is super cute!!! I love in the first pic when Natalie is looking at you like, "really lady...will she do this the whole time?" :)
That is just too cute...
:) Amanda

mamatamera said...

What a fun time. I'm really glad they let her ride after all. Her tears would have been large if she had to miss that.

Nicole said...

How cute! Seriously, she's the most adorable almost two year old! I really would adopt her if you and Justin want to get rid of her sometime (of course I'd have to teach her to stop wrestling my girls, but still). Man, I was thinking it was cold today, until I looked at your pictures and the tons of snow- come back here, you don't have to bundle up (and I can steal all your old fat clothes :)).

Kristy said...

She is so freakin CUTE!!! I love her. Is it bad that i'm a little jealous I want to do that ;) I hope everything works out for u guys and u get your answers on what u guys r doing soon.

Prairie Mother said...

adorable! what a wonderful place to grow up!