Sunday, August 9, 2009


So after we got back from Prudoe Bay we took a couple of days off and just relaxed. BTW - I think I need to have my mom live at my house cause she's the bestest dishwasher in the whole wide world. She did my dishes everyday that she was here, it was so nice!!!

Bri chillin with grandpa. (I think she wanted to get down and run around - hence the ornery face. :))
Talking grandma into giving her sips of water from the "big people" bottle.
A mama moose and her twins came to say hi to the Anderson's.
The next weekend Justin got a call from one of his old co-workers asking him if he could come down to Anchorage and marry him and his girlfriend. In Alaska basically anyone can do this function by just enrolling on the internet.

We stayed in a hotel where Bri learned to do a few new tricks. Like climbing up on chairs. (Our kitchen chairs used to be too high, but since then she can climb on them as well).
Well let's just say she basically climbed on everything.
So Justin (a now official "Marriage Commissioner") married Dan and April. I don't really know these two all that well, but I tagged along to watch the ceremony anyway (really more to see Justin than anything). We're not quite sure that this is the best woman for Dan to marry (she's more like his mom than girlfriend), but whatever makes him happy we support - right? It was a pretty informal gathering on their back porch. Notice the dogs that are walking through the ceremony. Oh and check out the dress! I got a little case of the giggles when she was walking down the aisle - um can we say boobies! HA,HA,HA!!! :) Justin kept giving me the stink eye because I was starting to make him laugh too. It was even scarier in person watching everything... let's say move.
While Justin and I were at the wedding, Brianna got to hang out with her grandparents for the afternoon. They took her to the park where she got to go swinging.
And talk to strangers. :) (I have no idea who this woman is... I think I remember my mom saying she was a lady that worked at the plane tour place next door)
Play on the hotel beds. I guess she laid down and wrapped herself up in the blankets. Such a cutie!
And watched grandpa sleep. Too funny!
On the way back Justin and I stopped at the store to pick up some things and found these "awesome" Barbie glasses for Bri. She loves to put on her dad's sunglasses, so we thought we would get her her own pair.
Although they don't stay on too long, I think she likes them.
On Sunday we went to the Wildlife Conservation Park. It was pretty fun to see all the animals and watch Brianna "bark" at everything. (She thinks all animals bark)
It was kind of funny because there was a worker stationed outside of the grizzly bear cage making sure everyone kept their distance and didn't feed the animals (I guess you usually can't see the bears because they're back in the woods most of the time). Well this worker was telling us how the bears are on strict diets and how they've had people feed them things like pepperoni and it's made them sick - blah, blah, blah. All the while she is throwing them pieces of her own lunch, a cheeseburger, to get them to do tricks. Um for some odd reason I don't think cheeseburgers are part of their "strict" diet.
On the way home we decided to drive into Denali National Park. There's something like 14 miles of road into the park that everyone can drive on (the rest you have to take a tour bus).And I spotted this scraggly beast.
Venturing across the road. My mom and me were pretty happy we got to see this bear in the wild. We were so sick of being in the car and when the boys told us we were driving into the park on the way by we were both pretty put out cause we weren't going to get home until even later. So luckily this nice bear decided to make an appearance.

And finally on the last day that my parents where here my dad got to golf at the "farthest north golf course". Sadly this is the only picture we have and it's not even one of him golfing - my mom and me were too tired to wake up and go with him, so he golfed by himself.

It was so good to have my parents here, it's makes me sad that we live so far away. I hope they had a good time even though we were riding in the car for most of their trip. We love and miss you guys!!!

I have a ton more pictures - so I'll try to post some more later.


Kristy said...

Oh my that wedding was beautiful so full of um um..... boobies!!! ha ha love it. Well when i get married i hope Justin will marry me ha ha.
Bri is getting so big tell her to stop growing :(

mamatamera said...

The flowers surrounding the boobies are very pretty. Your a better woman than me if you could stop giggling once you started.