Friday, August 14, 2009


So here are just a bunch of pictures from when my parents were here that I didn't get into the last two posts. But, I just had to share. Most of them are of Brianna - but what can we say, that's basically 99% of the pictures we take around here.

Brianna LOVED grandma's flip flops. She'd walk around in them until they went up over her ankles and then she'd just drag them around.
Brianna sucking on her brush.
And the "stunning" hairdo she did with it after it was wet.
Just runnin.
"No one can see me if I hide behind this man in the striped shirt".
Brianna found her belly button on the trip while she was eating in the backseat of the car. These are a sequence of pictures that followed. So funny!

She found grandpa's belt at the hotel and wandered around with it for 15-20 minutes like it was her pet snake.My mom and dad were just trying to get a picture of themselves on the tour bus - and Bri's head just happened to pop in it.
I love this one of her eating the chair. :)
I think she was asking for some water. Hilarious!!!
CRAZY hair! (After taking her hat off when we got back on the bus from seeing the ocean.)
Brianna waved goodbye to all the bus passengers at the end of the tour...
Except for 2 of them. It was so funny she was waving at everyone, mostly elderly couples. And then these 2 Asian tourists came by her and started waving at her. She stopped, scowled at them, and then stuck her tongue out at them. Ha,Ha,Ha! I guess she doesn't like crazy tourists either.
Our little Alaskan.

Brianna getting ready for bed. She grabbed her pj's and kept wrapping them around her like a shawl.
A "native" came by our cabin to tell us about his culture. (That's a lynx skin on his head in case you were wondering - I don't know about him sometimes. ;) )
We had a ladder into the loft of our cabin so Bri learned to climb it.
Who's that pretty girl?
This was a stop light on the Dalton Highway (they were doing road construction). It was just weird to see a stop light in literally the middle of no where.
This is the ugly/crazy smile Bri started doing on the trip. It was so funny - you couldn't help but laugh when she did it, but really inside you wanted her to stop because it was so hideous. It was really funny on the tour bus she kept pulling this "smile" at the lady behind us. You could tell the little old lady thought this was so ugly, but she was trying to be nice. So instead of saying how cute our little girl was, she said, "Oh my... what pretty teeth you have." Justin and I just burst out laughing!
We all got tired one day and let Brianna drive.
Grandpa "seat belted" her into the lawn chair.
Snoozin away.
HELLO - I'm down here!!!
One night in Anchorage we went out for pizza at the Moose's Tooth. It was really busy so we had to wait a long time for our dinner. Our waitress left our pizza holder on the table and Brianna kept wanting to play with it. So Justin took it away from her a found somewhere to "hide" it.

It was so stinkin funny!!! He acted like it was some kind of brace and let's just say he looked "challenged". We couldn't stop laughing as people kept walking by trying not to stare and the freak wearing the pizza holder. Oh my husband - at least he's always up for a good laugh.

On our way home!


The DeVito's said...

Looks like you had a great time with your parents. Our babies aren't babies anymore. Does she climb everything?

Kristy said...

Oh my gosh did Justin get in a horrible accident did he break his neck ha ha that is hilarious!!! And that pic of Brianna smiling in the car seat oh my gosh!!

Aubrey said...

That was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Leave it to Justin to become special. Brianna is just funny. That face is hysterical.

Nicole said...

So I was very unaware of your husband's inner geekyness. You must have been keeping it a secret :), but makes me glad you found a geek too. Love Bri's pictures- they can be so fun this age (want to trade her in for a newer model? ;)).