Sunday, June 7, 2009


For Memorial Day Weekend we went down to Seward for a little git away. Other than the really really long car ride it was really fun.

Brianna helping mom pack the coolers.
Brianna in a semi-coma. When she got really irritated we throw on Baby Einstein to help pass the time. This is her watching - as you can tell she's super thrilled. :)

The first day Justin's charter boat got canceled so we went out to Exit Glacier. It was a little cold and rainy but we still had a good time. I'll have to post pictures of that day later cause I forgot our camera so the pictures are on our friends camera. That night we headed out to some friends house that live in Seward for dinner. We ate some yummy surf and turf and enjoyed some good company.

Brianna playing with Kate. I think 95% of the time we were there these 2 were at the windowsill playing with the dogs outside.
A picture from the shore.
The next day the weather wasn't any better so Justin's charter boat got canceled again. So our friend, Hill who owns a charter boat, took us out on his boat to do some bay fishing. He said it would be a really easy, calm trip so Brianna and I should come along. It was kinda neat because although Bri wasn't the youngest person ever to ride on the boat (Kate's been on before), she was the youngest that had gone that far out. At first it was really nice, Bri loved looking out the window and she even fell asleep on the way out. Then the captain took us out into the rough ocean for a couple of trips to see if we could catch some cod. Well we did catch some cod, but the 10ft seas weren't very enjoyable to some. Although Brianna slept through most of it, I don't think she was a fan. She started crying and got really hot, so I took of her hat and jacket and she seemed to calm down a little. But about 5 minutes after looking around she puked all over the place. The poor thing must be like her dad and gets sea sick. :(

Goofing off with dad on the boat.
Looking at a sea otter.
Our catch of the day. (yes I look like a dork with my eyes closed, but it's the only one we have)
The next day Justin went out on the charter boat while Brianna and I went to the sea life center. Justin had a pretty miserable day. The seas were again really rough and he got sick a couple of times. Our poor friend Patty and her son didn't even fish they were so sick. But he ended up catching a 50lb and a 30lb halibut to stock our freezer with. Brianna and I had a good time at the sea life center. Even though I think Brianna was still a little too young to really enjoy it. She was more interested in people watching than wildlife watching.

Saying hi to the sea lion.
Scoping out the big fish tanks

Watching the seals eat lunch.
We also were fortunate enough on the ride home to see Mt McKinley. It's usually hiding behind cloud cover, so we were really lucky to see it as we were passing by. (By the time we got back in the truck it was covered again)

About an hour from home Brianna hit the wall and was done with riding in the car. So we took a little break playing in the back of the truck.

And finally Brianna continued to be a good helper and helped unpack the coolers when we got home. She's such a funny girl!


The DeVito's said...

What a fun trip! How long of a drive is it? As usual, she is beautiful! Is she walking more yet?

Michelle said...

She is just so dang cute Lisa!! IT looks like you guys had fun which is great!!

Kristy said...

Oh my gosh she is so freaking cute. She is getting so big. Poor thing she got sea sick

Nicole said...

All I can say is you guys are brave. I would have totally told Brandon to go by himself (and then be mad he did :)). Looks like it was a lot of fun though :).