Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay first off, I'm so behind on posting it's a little bit ridiculous. Oh well - what do ya do???

Second, Brianna still isn't really walking just yet. She takes a few steps here and there but she's just a big fraidy cat! :) When she's not thinking about it she does great and will walk half way across the room, but as soon as she realizes no ones holding on to her she's back on her knees. I'm still trying to get a video of it, but it happens so sporadically, it's hard to ever get a shot. (I guess I shouldn't have been so worried that I didn't have a camera when she took her first steps :))

Anyways, we went on a four wheeler ride a couple of weekends ago. It was so fun!!! I strapped Brianna into her Snuggie and we were off. Now don't worry when I say four wheeling - we're talking a really really easy ride - we're not quite that bad of parents. :) We went up on a logging road, so basically it was just a dirt road in the mountains, so no real hairy trail riding. (Not to mention that's my kind of riding too - I hate scary trails - I'm such a chicken!) Brianna had a great time looking at everything, and she loved the bumps. We stopped half way through, had a campfire and roasted some hot dogs for dinner.

Just startin out.
Looking out over a beautiful ridge.

Our attempt at a family picture.

Dad cooking dinner.

Brianna's first hot dog - she loved it!

"Hey dad - can I drive?"Daddy's redneck girl.

So tired after a day of riding. She was asleep the whole last half of the ride - what a cutie!

It was such a great day!!! We're going to have to do this more often.


mamatamera said...

She had the best seat.

Alana said...

You all looked like you had a blast. That little girl is to cute.

Kristy said...

Is she really dad's redneck girl or is Justin making her into that ha ha. She is getting so big