Wednesday, May 12, 2010


That's right my little peanut turned two back on April 24th!!! I really still can't believe it - it's so crazy!!! Well on her actual birthday we were all packed into the truck driving to Seward, so we had her little birthday bash the following week after we'd got home. It was so fun to have Grandma & Grandpa Anderson here to celebrate with us.

We ended up having a Dora themed party. She would have probably liked Diego better (since he's her boyfriend) but I couldn't find any Diego decorations.
But none the less, I think she liked it.
I think we could have just gotten her the balloons and she would have been just as happy.
They were definitely the big hit of the night!
She is so grown up!!!

Playing with Grandpa - or Dale, since that it what she called grandpa for part of their visit. It was so funny.
The Triple Chocolate Birthday cake. (I think I was way more excited about the cake than she was! It was so delicious!!!)
She even blew out the candle all by herself!!!
DIG IN!!! Ha,Ha,Ha!!! She cracks me up!!!
I tried to see if she'd use a spoon...
But of course hands work so much better for this task!!!
Present Time
She got some Dora & Diego books and DVD's. (Which we all watched about a million times on the trip down to Seward. UGH! "Isa turn the wheel - Turn the wheel Isa!" :) This was stuck in all of our heads for most of our trip.) Some match-up books, cup stackers, and a couple of cute cd's.
A cool marble castle.
A ton of cute clothes. She liked these shorts so much she wanted to put the on right away!
College funds from Nana and Grampie Walker!
Some awesome rain/mud boots. Which had to put on immediately.But were soon trumped by these cute little flip-flops.
More clothes - which even included a I Love Softball t-shirt - cuteness! She's set for summer!
Time to play!!! (She was jumping up and down screaming while the balls rolled down)
And well I guess we had a killer party...
Cause both guys were racked out after the presents were opened! What dorks!!!
Thanks to everyone for the gifts - sorry you all couldn't be here with us to celebrate. :( Maybe next year!!! Oh how I love this little girl. She is such a blessing in my life. I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, but I never imagined it would be this rewarding. I truly LOVE my little Bri with all my heart - I know it sounds cheesy - but I always think my heart can't get any bigger, and then the next day comes and it expands just a little more. Brianna is one of the most amazing little wonders and Justin and I are so eternally grateful that she's ours!!!
Here she is the next morning. Still in love with the balloons and sporting her rain boots.
She is too funny!!! (One of her quotes about herself)


Chantel said...

"She's turning the wheel, she's turning the wheel!" Ah, good times. I know every Dora/Diego by heart and my kids love that one because of the pirate Pigs on it?!?! It does come to an end one day, Morgan will no longer watch it. It did take her SIX years to get there :) Brianna looks SO big with her hair pulled back! It is hard to think that she is 2. It looks like you guys had a great birthday with your parents there. Happy Birthday!

p.s. I LOVE the boots!!

The Hopper Fam said...

Wow! I cannot believe that she is 2. I remember when I first met you...she was just a new baby then. She is a doll and you are an awesome mom because you love her so much!

The DeVito's said...

I can't believe how big she is! AAUUGH! Our babies are growing up! Glad she had a happy birthday!

Kent, Krista and Family said...

WOW! I can't believe she is TWO! Where did the time go? Happy Birthday Bri!

Kristy said...

Oh I love her!!!! She is so stinkin cute!!! Can't believe she is 2 either. I can't wait for July so I can hang out with my buddy again. And hang out with u too ;)

Kassey said...

She is so cute!!! Funny how fast kids grow!!!