Friday, January 8, 2010


Man oh man it's been a long time since I last posted anything. Even Justin has been giving me a hard time for not updating the blog - "We're missing memories!" he keeps telling me. Other than it being cold and dark here not a whole lot has changed. We find out where we're PCSing to later this week. I'm getting kind of nervous - I really hope that I won't be regretting saying how much I hate living in Alaska when we're stationed somewhere even worse - cause yes, I do realize it could be much worse!

Brianna is growing like crazy! I just can't believe she's not my little baby anymore!!! She is talking up a storm these days. I swear she learns a new word almost every day. She loves to dance/jump - it cracks me up every time she does it. She'll play the music on her toys over and over again and dance to it. She loves to color, she colored last night for an hour - but it must be with a pen or she throws a fit. Speaking of fits - she's definitely my daughter :) - she is becoming a "great" temper tantrum thrower!!! UGH!!! She's in this "mine" phase and it's driving me a tad bit bonkers!!! She is going potty on the big girl potty here and there, not really consistent, but we're headed in the right direction. Her hair is getting longer, but it's even worse looking than a couple of months ago (as you'll see in the pictures)! If I don't do her hair, she looks so homely, so I have to make sure her hair is done whenever we leave the house. She still hates things in her hair - so thanks to my friend Nicole advise, we still do the tucked under piggy tails. She loves to climb... everything!!! She's even learned how to climb up into her crib - hence the busted lip in the pictures from one on her attempts! She loves nursery, but only when her mommy stay in with her. She doesn't even want to sit by me, she just wants to make sure that when she looks up I'm still there across the room. Gooper!!! She is obsessed with babies! She tries to hold, hug, touch, kiss all the babies at church. She treats all her animals like babies - she'll pat them on the bum, rock them, wrap them in blankets, feed them, and try to change their diapers. She is so stinkin cute! Justin always teases me and tells me, "Well I'm pretty sure our daughter was born a Mormon cause she already thinks she's a mom." HA,HA,HA!!!

Justin is doing good. He is a trapping fool!!! Even though he hasn't caught anything worth while yet, he still seems really excited about it. He talks about it non-stop to me (and yes, it's "so interesting! LOL!) I just can't believe anyone would go out in the cold like he does and call it fun??? And when he's not out trapping, he's preparing to go trapping. Our house almost always smells like trap dye (which is a earthy, dirt, woodsy smell) and is always humid from the constent boiling. His back seems to be doing okay. He's supposed to get steroid injections sometime in the next couple of weeks - the military is taking FOREVER to get anything done - not really a big surprise there. He saw a pain specialist the other day and she told him that he would never get feeling back in his foot. She said the nerves aren't pinched like we thought, they're completely severed - so we were pretty disappointed with that crappy news. He's so sick of not being able to feel his toes, he calls his foot "my club" because he just feels like he has to almost drag it. Poor guy! He's so not ready to leave Alaska, but he's a nice hubby and ok with the decision cause it's not for me. But he does tell me almost every day that he's going to miss something or other about this place.

Daizy is still alive - barely! :) Man this dog is starting to drive us crazy. She seriously is costing us more than our child, which is pretty pathetic. I think Justin and I have agreed that the next time she costs us over $300, she's got to hit the road. I guess we'll see how we "really" feel when that time comes - and yes I'm sure it'll come - it's not if anymore, it's when!!! So she's had this growth on her tummy for awhile that kept getting bigger, so I finally scheduled to have it removed the week after Christmas. Well so for a fun surprise on Christmas morning she ripped it open and it was bleeding all over the house. Nasty!!! We didn't want to pay the extra money to have it dealt with over the holiday so we just patched her up the best we could and waited until Monday. Anyways she got the thing removed which cost an arm and a leg and then the incision got infected - blah, blah, blah. I swear it never ends with this dog!!! Well she's fine now and hopefully she'll be good for a very very long time!!!

As for me, I'm just here. This winter has gotten to me more that the past ones. I just want out of here. The darkness just makes me so lazy, I have no motivation for anything, which is annoying!!! Oh and did I mention I hate being cold? Blah!!! Well we've decided to move ourselves when we leave, so I'm trying to pump myself up to start packing this place. UGH!!! But if it works out, we should make a pretty good chunk of money by doing it ourselves. Oh and by the way, I am NOT preggo, if "anyone" was wondering!!! (ha,ha,ha - that's for you Nicole :))

So that's what's up with us for the moment. I'll try to catch up on some of the events I've missed in later posts. But here are some pictures of our Christmas. It was pretty low key, we just stayed here and enjoyed it with just our little family. I had a terrible headache that day, so it was kinda miserable. And since I felt so crappy, we ended up cooking Christmas dinner the next day which was much more enjoyable. Brianna had a fun day - holy moly she got spoiled!!! Thank you everyone!!! She loves to unwrap, but would get sidetracked and just want to play with what was inside instead of opening more presents. So we took our time and unwrapped presents for what seemed like forever!

Brianna in her Christmas dress. I could not get her to stand still for a picture, so this is right before she tried to climb under it.

Christmas Eve! Yes all those presents are for Brianna!!! Justin and I didn't get each other gifts cause we got an auto start put in our truck, so that became our present to one another. We didn't want to dig in our crawl space for the stockings, so Justin decided we could just use a mukluk. :) We're in Alaska right?!?!?

Digging into her "stocking" Christmas morning!

My peanut!!! (trying to run away)
Lounging on her gifts! What a nut!!!
After Christmas breakfast we gave Bri some juice and this is where she ended up again! :)
Justin opening his present from my mom and dad. They got him a little helicopter and to my surprise he loved it. He's like a little kid flying it around the house, into walls, into my head!!!
She didn't want to open this one - just wanted to climb on it.
College fund!!!
Brianna with all her gifts! And yet again I couldn't get her to sit still for the picture, she wanted to PLAY!!!
Thanks again to everyone for making Brianna's Christmas so fun! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Chantel said...

It is about time :) I was starting to think your were pregnant as well. When people miss a few months of blogging, that is was is expected. It looks like you guys had a good Christmas. Brianna IS getting so big. I love her Christmas dress on her. Are you guys heading to Utah this summer? We will be there all of July so make your plans to come then :)

The DeVito's said...

I remember waiting for the PCS news! So exciting! She is absolutely adorable!

Nicole said...

The girlies got that same Christmas dress from my mom! I thinks it's dang cute! Good luck on the hair- you'll need it. You also need to make sure you savor your last few months of Alaska :), although tell us immediately wjen you know when you're moving or are pregnant:).

The Hopper Fam said...

I love the "stocking"! Brianna is so stinking cute! I am all excited to find out where you are PCSing...hopefully somewhere warm and sunny and wonderful! Moving yourself is definitely a great choice - for one thing you don't have to worry about your stuff getting thrown around and broken by those army mover people and also you really do make a load of money. let me know if i can help you pack and all that when the time comes, or even watch Brianna because she might just want to help unpack your packed boxes :)

Kristy said...

Yeah I was getting kind of sick when I would pull your blog and seeing mine and Dustin's faces(even though we do look pretty hott) But Bri is getting so BIG!! I can't wait to see u guys again I hope u get to move closer. But like Nicole said enjoy the last few months of Alaska cause u will probably never be back ;)

mamatamera said...

I love the pictures of Bri reclining on her gifts. She looks sooo comfortable. I hate to think that you will never be back. I'll sure miss you and I know my girls will miss Bri. (I haven't told them that you're moving yet.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Christmas awesome when you have little ones. Mine are still excited but I was so much more into buying toys than electronics.
Hope you are getting a cool assignment and NOT Alaska. LOL.

price said...

cute pics! it looks like brianna had a good xmas!! that was morgan too!! sure love ur little girl!!