Friday, September 4, 2009


Well I know I haven't really posted anything for awhile - my mom made sure I realized this too the other day on the phone. :) But we really haven't been up to much. Justin's been off hunting and fishing (I'll have to post pictures of him later), but Bri and I have just been boring for the past couple of weeks.

Brianna is growing like crazy. She is a full on toddler and I'm just trying to keep up with her. She is always on the go and loves to climb everything. She is a total daredevil and has no fear of anything. I think she about gives Justin and I a heart attack at least once a day. She is such a talker, but I think she learned Chinese somewhere along the way instead of English. Her mouth is constantly going, but most of it's unrecognizable. She loves loves animals, and knows a lot of the sounds they make. She loves to read - it's really cute/annoying that whenever I'm not paying attention to her she will go grab a book and hold it up to me for me to read it to her. I get suckered in every time - I just can't resist how cute it is. She has become a really bad eater, much to her mother's frustration. Except for breakfast - she'll eat breakfast with no problems or complaints - don't ask me why??? She used to eat everything and anything I would put in front of her, but now it's become quite a battle. She's really into brushing her teeth, but only if she gets to do it herself (don't worry mom does a follow up brushing). She loves babies and will sign baby whenever she sees one and then reach out her arms because she wants to hold it. And she gives really good hugs and I just can't get enough of them.
As for boring old me, I've started working out again. I know, I know - it's about freakin time!!! I decided it's really about time I lost this baby weight, hello my baby is 16 months old for crying out loud, so I'm pretty determined. I told myself I can't get pregnant again until I lose the weight cause if I got pregnant now I would end up looking like a house at the end. So I guess you could say I'm trying to lose weight so I can gain weight again - kinda warped, but whatever gets me off my behind.
So sorry we've been so boring lately. I've even been slacking on picture taking so I don't have many to share. But here's a cute one of Brianna eating pasta. The picture doesn't do it justice, she was a MESS! But a cute mess!!!


The DeVito's said...

I'm with you on the finally losing the weight thing! I had said I didn't care, because I'd just lose it all when I'm done with kids, but then I thought the same thing, I'll be as big as a house! So I'm on a work out kick. Let's hope it lasts!

Chantel said...

uh, I am the size of a house. You learn to love it :) Bri is getting SO big! Are you guys going to go to Utah for Christmas? We are not sure, but I feel like I have not seen you forever! That is right, I haven't!

Nicole said...

good luck on the weight loss- don't feel too bad if it takes awhile, you can just hang out with me :). Bri is starting to look a lot like Justin.

Nat said...

Bri is a cute mess.