Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First off little Brianna started fruits for the first time this weekend. I think we've got her through almost all of the veggies and she's is doing GREAT. She is the best little eater, we haven't had any problems at all. She gives us a big open mouth for every single bite. She actually might be a little too good at eating (I wonder where she got that from??? :)) I think even when she's full she'll still always open her mouth, so I really have to watch her eyes when I feed her. She'll give me this big eyed look like, "Mom, I'm goin' to be sick", and then I know she's had enough. Here's a couple of pictures of her trying her first bananas.

Second, I didn't have time to post this on yesterday's, but I wanted to wish one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world HAPPY BIRTHDAY earlier this week. Nicole (aka: Ginger - really don't remember how that became your nickname???) has been one of my best buds since way back in middle school. Oddly enough I think we were always considered the "weird" girls in our group of friends, because we were the only "normal" ones that didn't get caught up in all that caddy girl drama. We have a pact with each other that when we're old and gray, we're going to live together and be the crazy cat ladies on the block. :) She's a great friend, a great mom, and a great listener and I'm so happy to call her my friend! Here's to "licking your face", guard rails, hiding staplers, New York, solidified organs, stupid boys, and Russian hats!!! (BTW: we are getting so old!)

And lastly, it's still freezing here. I don't think it's got over -45 for over a week now. They've even canceled church the past 2 weeks because it's been so cold. We've been having stupid furnace and car trouble this past week, but I think we've got everything working for now - cross our fingers. Things are just not made to work when it's this cold (including people), I think every thing's protesting that they've just had enough. Here's a couple of pictures of us trying to stay warm. I love her pink little snowsuit - thanks Heizer family - we were headed to the grocery store and she reminded me a little of Ralphy from The Christmas Story. And then one cuddling with her daddy - too cute.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you guys do it up there that is way to cold. BRRRR I love the pic with Justin that is so cute. I can't wait until u guys get here. I think u guys should just stay here and don't leave.
Love ya and miss ya tons

Kassey said...

I can't believe it is that cold. I think that CV is cold!! Nope were you live is cold. So sorry hope you can stay warm!!!

Nicole said...

so- you win- that looks pretty cold. I am pretty impressed that you got Bri in the snowsuit and then in the carseat without her having a full blown fit- my girls hate the carseat :). Thanks for the b-day wishes, it was a very nice one. Do you think Justin and Brandon will still let us be crazy cat ladies?

Chantel said...

OH MY FREEZING!! Bri is too cute and I think you better send her here until it gets warm there :) I'm glad you didn't include me in the "normal" friends. Thanks, it makes me feel really loved :)